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10 Non-Hybrid Crossovers and SUVs That Get 30 MPG or More

Big fuel economy numbers, tall mpgs, they used to be the sole domain of small hatchbacks with tiny wheels, cramped cabins, and few creature comforts. But now you can buy a high-riding crossover with all the comfort and tech you desire without sacrificing the opportunity for 30 miles per gallon of fuel in everyday driving. It’s either a miracle of modern technology, or the inevitable result of crossover fever-or, most likely, both, as automakers rush to meet fuel-economy targets while still providing the public with the SUVs it so craves. Cars remain more efficient, as evidenced by the most fuel-efficient cars on sale in 2019 that aren’t hybrids, but the gap is closing.

Swipe through for our list of the most fuel-efficient crossovers that aren’t hybrids (that’s a different roundup!), as determined by the EPA’s combined fuel-economy estimates. Yep, these are just plain old regular SUVs powered by internal-combustion engines, with nary a battery pack or an electric assist motor to be found.

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