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A chaotic power grab.

TWEET MEWatching what is happening to us in America, you can’t help but think that we are getting closer to that civil war that every sane person has been dreading, and what people on the extreme end of each political side has been hoping for.

Knowing that he will never get sixty five percent of the people in this country to support him, Donald J. trump is hoping for a civil war, or a serous Constitutional crises. Anything to get his rabid and clueless supporters in a we against them Mexican standoff that can possibly keep him in office beyond the four years that he is inevitably going to be given. He wants more, and if he takes the republic down with him, then so be it.

The president has now declared war on his own FBI, and he is demanding that they launch an investigation into the agency and the man charged with investigating him. It’s madness, I know, but this is where we are now.

trump says that the man who occupies a permanent space in his head, Barack Obama, ordered spies on his campaign, and he wants to get to the bottom of it. The entire assertion is laughable, but no one is laughing. The republican partisans in Washington have gone along with him, and they will be given a special briefing and given access to information about the FBI surveillance of trump’s joint campaign with the Russians. Incredibly, the democrats in Washington will be shut out of the very same meeting.

Anyway, Mr. trump is getting away with all this because the press that we rely on to put a check on his power grab, have been complicit and lazy. Throw in the fact that he has an entire network and a solid 35% of hardcore trumpbots in his corner, and you can see why I believe that something very ominous is on the horizon.

Speaking of something ominous, if you are Michael Cohen, you have to think that your business partner cutting a deal with the law enforcement authorities ( I see you Mr. Mueller) today is the worst thing possible for you.

Apparently he will be singing like Gladys Night in exchange for probation instead of a possible 20 plus years in the big house.

Expect an angry twitter storm from the White House in 5..4..3..

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A chaotic power grab.