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“ If you fall in life make sure you fall on your back because if you can look up – you can get up”

~ Bryan & Ryan Carrington

It all started in Acres homes a minority neighborhood in Houston TX. They were born and became instant rivals let’s take a look into the life of Ryan and Bryan Carrington twin brothers who lived their whole lives as rivals, but have a very close and loving relationship.

They both had a love for sports growing up in a single parent household didn’t stop their journey to become who they are today. They are the middle kids out of four children one older brother, Byron and one adopted younger brother. They were both great athletes although Ryan claims to be the best athlete of the two, however, Bryan has all the accolades.

While they both took different routes to reach success, it all started by them attending different high schools.

Ryan attended Klein Forest and Bryan attended St. Pius X. Bryan received a scholarship to attend St. Pius X to play football he also excelled in academics. While Ryan stayed at Klein forest with a friend. Bryan started his journey in high school going on recruitment trips with team mates, while glancing around to find talent in his team mate he left St. Pius X and attended University of Houston where his journey took a detour, falling behind in class, skipping class and was very immature. He didn’t know how to maintain in a big university. Bryan then took a job as a bartender for a few years, while bar tending, he had a wakeup call he knew he could do better. So, he went back to the University of Houston to finish what he started. He began to work with the sports program as a under grad working closely with the new football head coach Tom Herman. Although it was hard trying to survive as an undergrad he struggled not having a paying job, he stayed focused and continued to reach his goal and his hard work didn’t go unnoticed. The new football coach really liked his character and his hard work and commitment to the program. When Coach Herman took the head coaching job at University of Texas he took his number one Undergrad with him and promoted him to assistant director of player personnel. He basically recruited players to attend the football program. Although he was struggling and trying to maintain as an undergrad with no salary, his main goal was to be a part of a number one recruitment class.

While his twin brothers journey was a bit different but somewhat similar, Ryan attended Paul Quinn University in Dallas. Once in college, his journey took a similar turn when he pledged to a fraternity. He became a party animal and forgot why he was in school, grades started to drop even though he was class president. He traveled to different cities partying and living the frat life but losing his credits for class. When he hit the bottom, he decided to take school serious again. The president of the University took him under his wing and mentored him, he put his college career back on track he worked so hard to continue his journey to success. His hard work also didn’t go unnoticed it paid off when a program was named in his honor “The Carrington plan”. A program designed to help students who fell off get back to their goals.

He took part in a program called Lead Capital, that took twenty-five students to attend a leadership program in which he received to internships for General Motors and Sam/Walmart. He took a management job at Walmart in New Caney for two years. Then he took a job teaching after talking to a good friend who was a principal at Sam Houston High School. Although money was good at Walmart distribution center his heart wasn’t into it, so he went on to get his teaching certificate and applied for teaching jobs.

While at a job fair he met the principal of Crosby High School. He took a job at Crosby where he became a teacher and the audio and video director. He would sort through game films to send to colleges and send clips to various sources. He is also the coach of the freshman boys’ basketball team.

When Ryan took the job at Crosby Bryan was still an undergrad struggling to make it, didn’t have much money or none at all. But in comes big brother (by 1 min) although Bryan never accepted the fact that he was older by a minute.

Ryan made sure his brother could take trips and they had fun together Ryan didn’t care about the money he spent on his brother because he knew his brother would make it and soon be making good money. The both lived by a saying that their mother, Diane Shepard use to say to them “we all we got”. Which comes from a movie about brothers in which the saying was “ I am my bothers keeper”. I didn’t ask if they ever saw the movie, but it’s clear they lived by the phrase “we all we got”. By talking to them I know that they are each other’s keeper. They have a unique relationship, the love they have for each other runs deep, but the competitiveness with each other still makes them want to be the best and keeps them striving to be the best at what they do.

While Bryan wants to be the head coach of a major university and make six figures, Ryan wants to one up his brother and be the person doing the audio and video for a NFL franchise. They both expressed how they want to take care of their mother so she wouldn’t have to work again. Although the love runs deep the rivalry never end!

The sports corner with Jay the Barber!

By: Jermaine Hayter

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