And a pig shall lead them.

Footage of Trump and Epstein together at a party in 1992 emerges
I am so sick and tired of this debate about whether Mr. trump is a racist or not. The fact that we are still debating that question tells you all you need to know about where we are in America in 2019.

Yes America, your president is a racist. He has told you so with his deeds and words over the years, and yet you still refuse to believe it.

This might be because quite a lot of you are perfectly fine with that, and you share a lot of his views about people of color and where we belong in this American melting pot. When he tells American citizens who were born here to go back where they came from, what he is saying is that they should go back to the continent of their ancestors. The fact that they were born here is irrelevant, because their country of birth is not the point; their race is.

When Kellyanne  Conway snapped at a reporter and asked him about his ethnicity, she was carrying on with  a familiar theme with this White House: White identity politics. It’s something that worked for Mr. trump to get him elected, and now that he finds himself down in the polls (even while the country enjoys economic prosperity) he is going to that playbook again. Mr. trump doesn’t care about the sixty percent of the people who find his behavior execrable, it doesn’t bother him because he has his “base”. These people would stick with him if he was caught dropping the N-word on live television. Sadly, republican elected officials would stick with him as well. “OK, so he called the reporter a Nigger, but to be fair, she was rude to him as well.” They will always make excuses for this guy.

Interestingly,  I also think that there is something else going on here. I do believe that Mr.trump is worried about something more than just being called a racist, and that is the criminal case involving his buddy, the alleged sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein.

Remember when Donald said that he hardly knew Epstein and that they were not friends? Well, as it turns out, he was lying (shocker) and MSNBC showed us the video tape to prove that he was lying this morning.

This entire Epstein saga might not end well for Mr. trump. I watched him feel and grab women on the video while picking out the women that he wanted like they were a bunch of cattle, and it was disgusting. To say that this guy is a pig would be a great disservice to pigs. After watching him in that video it makes it easier to see why scores of women have accused him of sexual assault and even rape. 

What follows is then private citizen Trump enthusiastically gesticulating with a denim shirt clad Epstein, as the two laugh together, point, and comment on what they see before them. It’s not clear what exactly they are discussing, but it appears that they are assessing the women dancing before them.

Trump has publically claimed that he knew Epstein, who plead guilty in 2008 to two sex crimes, including one with an underage girl, in a sweetheart plea deal that ultimately led to the resignation of Trump administration  Alex Acosta. The soon to be former Labor Secretary served as US Attorney in Florida in 2008 and oversaw the federal prosecution of Epstein.”

Just remember the old adage: Where there is smoke there is fire. 

*Image from MSNBC


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