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Angry people.

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I wonder what the rest of us did to make the deplorables so angry. I mean they are an angry bunch.

If you are brave enough to go to one of their rallies you will see what I am talking about.

I must admit that I have never understood where all the anger comes from. I mean, let’s face it, most of them are white men of a certain age, and they are therefore afforded certain privileges that the rest of us can only dream of here in America. And still, they are angry and full of hate.

“Donald Trump and those who support him always say they aren’t racist in the least, they just want to “make America great again.”
But then you see the video below of a truck convoy of Trump acolytes traveling in a convoy from Wrentham to Foxboro, Massachusetts, and it confirms every suspicion you ever had about those who are on Team Trump.
On CB radios, thinking that no one was listening in, one of the truckers exclaims:
“Lynch the ni**ers by their d*cks!”
Another driver proudly declares:
“Burn every single ni**er!”
Then a third driver joins the hate speech and tells the others:
“All I know is we got plenty of trees to hang ni**ers from.”
Nah, Trump supporters aren’t racist at all, are they? Bullshit! All you have to do is watch or listen to a group of them when an African-American or Hispanic person walks by and you’ll quickly discover that they are among the most hate-filled bags of feces to ever drag their knuckles across the ground.” [Source]
Just wow.
These people are serious, folks,they are no joke.
Now I am really worried. I mean what happens if trump loses come November?

“Right-wing radio host Michael Savage has warned Donald Trump supporters to stock up on ammunition and gun for two reasons.
“If Hillary Clinton gets elected she may ban guns and we might need them if the country devolves into civil war,” said Savage on his radio show.
Savage is like several other Trump supporters who are warning of violent revolution. Last week, Trump said his supporters might have to take 2nd Amendment measuresif the election is rigged.
According to Right Wing Watch, Republican activist Larry Klayman said the country is on the brink of civil war.
“It’s a war. It’s a war between left and right. They’ve created a race war, regrettably, between black and white. Hillary Clinton is about ready to do it between men and women,” said Klayman in an interview with Newsmax.
In a World Net Daily article, former Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan said a Clinton win could lead to a revolution.” [Source]
I bet this right-wing revolution will be televised on FOX.
*Pic from huffingtonpost.com

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Angry people.