Attorney for One of Roy Moore’s Accusers Fires Back at His ‘Defamatory Statements’

An attorney for one of the women accusing Roy Moore of sexual misconduct has put out a statement responding to his “defamatory statements.”

Gloria Deason told The Washington Post that Moore took her on dates when she was 18 and he got her alcoholic drinks (when she was not legal drinking age at the time).

Per WaPo:

Deason says that they dated off and on for several months and that he took her to his house at least two times. She says their physical relationship did not go further than kissing and hugging.

Moore has denied the allegations and made it clear he believes this is a political hit job. Yesterday he claimed he has evidence of unspecified “collusion.”

Paula Cobia, an attorney for Deason, put out a statement responding to “defamatory statements” he has made.

Here is the full statement, per AL.com:

Once, again, Roy Moore is publicly making defamatory statements about the 4 brave women named in The Washington Post by calling them liars and accusing them of bribery and conspiracy. He knows full well why these women did not tell what he did to them before this week. As young teenage girls in the late 1970’s in a small, rural southern town, they had no way of knowing their rights, especially against him considering that he was a district attorney at the time. As he gained more power within the Alabama judiciary, they likely feared that he would publicly persecute them….precisely as he has done this week.

Why did the women speak out now? Because someone (The Post reporters) finally showed up at their doors and asked them to tell what he did to them.

On behalf of my client, Ms. Deason, I publicly demand that Roy Moore immediately retract his defamatory statements.


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Attorney for One of Roy Moore’s Accusers Fires Back at His ‘Defamatory Statements’