“Be mindful and watchful…” – The Westside Gazette

In a brief surprise and most welcome visit, our distinguished Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-Rep-23rd Dist. FL) stopped by the Westside Gazette after his appearance on a panel at Monday’s Federal Field Hearing on Voting Rights and Election Administration in Florida.

The Subcommittee on Elections of the U.S. House held the hearing inside the Broward County Commission chambers to evaluate whether claims of voter suppression need federal action. As he spoke with staff here at the Westside Gazette, Congressman Hastings left some challenges for us and our Black elected officials. We are to be mindful, watchful and active in this entire process as it pertains to incidents of police misconduct, voter suppression and being accountable to each other. He also stated the need for us to engage with diverse communities to get involved in reestablishing needed relationships across cultural and religious boundaries. What was most precious and accommodating about his visit was his warm spiritual and healthy outlook on life. May God continue to bless you Congressman Alcee Hastings.



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