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Billy made him do it.

Image result for billy bush imagesI wonder how many of you married guys out there could tell your better half that you did some inappropriate things because some dude half your age was “egging” you on. I am willing to guess that not many. Of course not many of you happen to have millions (yes Donald, millions; not billions) of dollars laying around, either.

I was listening to some of Melania trump’s interview with CNN, and you have to kind of feel sorry for her. She actually blamed her husband’s misogynist and sexist behavior on a man half his age.

Which begs the question: If Donald trump can be so easily be influenced by a lightweight entertainer, how can he stand up to world leaders with much more influence and gravitas?

Donald wasn’t there during the interview, so you have to wonder what his people were thinking. Hillary stood right by Bubba’s side as he did his best Shaggy impression after his numerous flings in the nineties. It’s ironic that trump’s wife is now doing the very thing that they accuse Hillary of doing: Standing by her man while Stevie Wonder can see what’s really going on.

Melania said some other interesting things as well:

“Melania Trump is suggesting that, as First Lady, she could be interested in leading an effort to combat bullying and negativity on social media.
Mrs. Trump – whose husband frequently uses social media to attack opponents – said in an interview Monday on CNN that she was worried about its impact on children.
She said she is concerned that her 10-year-old son Barron would be exposed to tough talk on Twitter and other social media platforms.
Donald Trump, of course, is frequently combative on Twitter.
Just earlier Monday, he took to the social media platform to unleash attacks on both sides of the aisle, targeting both Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and House Speaker Paul Ryan and claiming the “dishonest” media was conspiring against him.”
Ok Melania, so as First Lady you will not take on poverty, education, healthcare, world hunger or adult illiteracy. Your issue will be bullying on social media?
Well, for starters, you might want to holla at the man you were just defending.
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Billy made him do it.