Black Folks Need to Become Independent

Roy Douglas Malonson, Publisher of African-American News&Issues

Roy Douglas Malonson, Publisher of African-American News&Issues

The first president of the United States of America, George Washington once made reference to a thought. In it he expressed that, “A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” Even though his words were stated a couple centuries ago, his points still hold true today. I use his words in this editorial because he is the one and only POTUS that never belonged to a party affiliation. In fact, he warned the people of the dire consequences that would emerge from belonging to one as well. Though most Americans have disregarded his sentiments, the way that things are makes we wonder was Washington really on to something?

As it is, there has got to be a change within the overall landscape of Black America. We Africans living in America are constantly seeing the affects of the restraints that the political and judicial system places on members of our communities. With that being stated maybe we should take note to the old saying, “If you do what you always do, then you are going to get what you always have gotten.” I stated that to state that maybe Black folks should consider a different party affiliation from what we have become accustomed to associating ourselves with.

Perhaps, if we were to subscribe to a non-Democrat or non-Republican party, our voices will not be taken for granted. There is a strong possibility that we might be able to really flex our muscles then. Even the President-Elect Donald Trump said, “What do you have to lose?”

We MUST Understand that we are in a situation now that once President Barack Obama finishes out his term, there will really be no Blacks in the Democratic party who have ultimate authority in regards to our community.

At the present, we have a LGBT District Attorney, Hispanic-American Sheriff, Hispanic-American Police Chief, Hispanic-American Fire Chief, Hispanic-American Houston Community College System Chancellor, Hispanic-American Houston Independent School District Superintendent, Black Mayor and a White States Senator Chair of the Criminal Justice System. So now we can only ask ourselves…. What in the world is going to happen now?

In order for our readers to best understand what I am trying to present here, I will provide a brief history on the Democratic, Republican and Independent parties. First of all, the Independent American Party was originally established as the Utah Independent American Party. As time went on and the party grew bigger it simply became IAP. According to, http://www.independentamericanparty.org, the Independent Party was designed to: “uphold and revere the Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers as the only and supreme law of this land; restore Constitutional Republic, Constitutional Law and all rights, liberties and properties rightfully belonging to the people and to the states; identify and reverse legislation, case law, regulations, and treaties, etc., that are unconstitutional or an offense to God and the Founding Fathers; permanently restore American sovereignty and independence from foreign; return the control of government back to the people as intended; greatly minimize taxes, and limit the size, power, and function of government to the intended constraints established within the original Constitution and Bill of Rights; advance the principles of freedom, patriotism and traditional family values; preserve and honor the Judeo-Christian heritage, and rights of all religions; identify and defeat all efforts to undermine and overthrow the Constitution; achieve at all levels in government, superior ethics, integrity and accountability; restore fair and responsible redress of grievances, as allowed in the Constitution and unite the independent votes, the silent majority, grass roots organizations, and other patriots and lovers of liberty under one umbrella, while keeping our separate identities, standing united as sovereign people.”

Here is a brief breakdown of the comparisons of both the Democrat and Republican parties, according to www.enkivillage.com.

On tax policies: “The Democrats believe there should only be cuts for middle and low income families, but believe they should be higher on corporations and wealthy individuals. The Republicans believe there should be tax cuts for everyone, both corporations and people of all income levels.”

Social Issues: The Republicans tend to be conservative on social issues. They tend to oppose gay marriage and promote marriage being between a man and a woman. They also oppose abortion and promote the right of gun ownership. Democrats tend to be more progressive in their views, favoring abortion and gay marriage, but are strongly for strict gun control laws that limit ownership.

Labor and Free Trade: “Republicans tend to oppose increases to the minimum wage, citing the need for business to keep costs low so they can prosper and all Americans can have access to products and services. The Democrats favor increasing the minimum wage so that Americans have more money with which to purchase goods.”

On Health Care: “Democrats generally prefer a lot of government regulation and oversight of the health care system, including the passage of the Affordable Care Act, because it makes the health care system accessible to everyone. Republicans, who opposed the Affordable Care Act, believes too much government involvement in the industry will drive up costs and have a negative impact on the quality of care that consumers receive.”

Space would not allow me to show all of the different variables that exist between the Democratic and Republican parties but the list continues. Hopefully with this information our readers will see where I am coming from.

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Black Folks Need to Become Independent