Editors Pick


In a way, the release of the movie BlacKkKansman is a perfect metaphor for something that is going on in the current news cycle. I am referring to the trials and travails in the life of former trump sycophant, Omarosa Manigault.

Omarosa was the black Klansman in the trump White House full of Klansmen and Klanswomen. Unlike the character in the movie, though, she was not trying to infiltrate and bring down this White House klan; she was a proud member of it. So much so that they had to throw her out kicking and screaming. It is what led her to once declare that trump’s critics will “bow down before him.” (Wrong Omarosa, that was Stormy Daniels. And trust me, she wasn’t doing it to honor him.)

But what a difference a few months makes. Now that she has been booted from the White House like she is a character on the Apprentice, she is dishing on her former owner boss, Donald trump.

She has declared that she saw trump chewing paper, dropping the n word, and being promised a pay-off after leaving the White House if she would keep her mouth shut. For the record, I believe that pretty much everything that she said about trump is true. But trump being a racist is not breaking news. That’s like saying it’s warmer in August on the East Coast than it is in December. We all know that trump is a racist, especially us black folks.

What we are not going to do is to act like this is some type of breaking news so that Omarosa can sell her books.

Omarosa was a house Negroes house Negro, and she decided long ago that she belonged in the house and not in the fields. She decided to become a field Negro when trump soured on her and she saw the writing on the wall. Besides, the time for her giving us all the dirt on you know is long past. She should have started reporting to the American people as soon as she started observing trump eating the morning newspaper for breakfast.

*Pic courtesy of Wikipedia.