BOOK REVIEW – The Trauma Zone: Trusting GOD for Emotional Healing

When most people think of a DJ, an image of a man or wo […]

Amber_Douglas_Resume_RWhen most people think of a DJ, an image of a man or woman wearing headphones standing behind astack of the CD’s, records, and digital music equipment usually comes to mind.Some may remember aDJ who provided the musical entertainment at a wedding reception or other party.In the book, TheTrauma Zone, author Dr. R. Dandridge Collins, introduces a different type of DJ – the“Trauma DJ,” whoinstead of music, spins the same negative messages to the dance floor of the mind.These repetitivemessages fuel the unhealthy emotions and behavior, according to Dr. Collins.

Dr. Collins, owner of the Pastoral Counseling Network, a counseling ministry based in Philadelphia thatintegrates Christian faith and principles of mental health, identifies five primary characteristics of thetrauma zone and defines them as “Can’t Stations.”These can’t stations describe a person being stuck insome type of negative behavior patternor emotion, such as “Can’t Move”which is feeling stuck, andprocrastinating, or “Can’t Learn” which is repeating the same mistakes.
When we think of the concept of trauma, we may think of some severe or fatal situation, but in TheTrauma Zone, a traumatic experience can range from something like a church blow-up to being a victimof a crime.
This book is different than everyday self-help books because it incorporates specific prayers for each ofthe zones.It also has a bible study of the life of Jesus Christ and his examples of handling challenges,drama, conflict, and stress which encourages the reader by providing biblical examples of using spiritualstrength to take back control and eventually exit the trauma zone.
First impression of the book: It’s the kind of book that you want to grab several copies of because as youread it, you just know that there are countless others that could be easily blessed by it.
By Traycee Lynn
*Traycee Lynn is a journalist and songwriter in Philadelphia. Follow on Twitter @TrayceeLynn1


BOOK REVIEW – The Trauma Zone: Trusting GOD for Emotional Healing


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