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Brace yourselves.

Will someone please tell me why Rush Limbaugh is fleeing his home in South Florida? I thought that this was supposed to be a fake liberal storm.

Well Rush, if it’s so fake, why don’t you stay there and just ride it out?

Of course we know that he won’t, because Rush, like so many others is fleeing the massive storm.

Watching climate change denier , Rick Scott, pleading with his citizens to just “leave now” would be funny in an ironic sort of way if it weren’t for the poor people who are caught in this horrific storm having to flee for their lives. You watch the images on television and you really feel for those poor people who have to uproot and disrupt their lives to get out of the storm’s path.

All the weather experts are saying that this storm is going to be a monster and it just might hit Florida as a category five storm. Believe me, as a kid who spent a great deal of his childhood in the tropics, I am quite familiar with hurricanes and the type of destruction that they can cause. I have just never seen anything like this. Can you say climate change boys and girls?

Anyway, let’s home that everyone stays safe down there.

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Brace yourselves.