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Following last Friday’s shooting in Canaan Heights that claimed the lives of two men, Deputy Superintendent of Police Lilieth Campbell had a meeting with residents and implored them to get back the peace they had been experiencing since 2015.

In her address, she said that for the past three years the community had been a model of what peace should be, and it is quite unfortunate that the harmony was shattered by last week’s incident.

“A unuh mek mi tap come ova here enuh, because mi used to come over here first time and come eat food and we sit town and talk. Now mi fraid fi come and sit down because next ting mi hear ‘bow’ a me neck back,” she said.




Campbell said that Canaan Heights had been a model community in Clarendon since 2015, because while murders were happening elsewhere, the community managed to keep calm.

“We know that Canaan Heights can keep the peace and have the potential to be a good community because over the years you have improved. Last night (Friday) proved that we going into the new year with unforgiving spirit, and we need to stop that. An eye for an eye will leave the world blind. We must change,” she urged the residents.

As a result of last week’s incident, she said that the police would be increasing their presence in the area.

“So much more could have happened last night (Friday). Can you imagine if babies were out here? Anytime you see the police, you know that something is wrong. Police a go come in yah every minute and people a go get lock up. Unuh shatter the peace we had. Unuh used to have party and wi not even come through because wi know seh everything did nice, but that cyaan gwaan again,” she said.

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