But… He is Still the President!

Richard Nixon, the 37th Presid

Roy Douglas Malonson, Chairman

ent of the United States of America, once made a statement that I just can’t say that I agree with. In it he exclaimed, “When the president does it that means it’s not illegal.” I can’t state that I can second this thought, because I believe that we have to hold our leaders accountable, just as those they lead must be held accountable – or pay the price. This statement uttered by President Nixon does not reflect the value of ethics, morals and founding principles that a nation should strive to live by. Because when we say that nothing the president does is illegal it separates the “Haves” from the “Have-Not’s”. I respect authority to the fullest extent. But there has to be a line where even the highest of officers are subject to living up to certain moral standards especially if you are operating under a public platform in a nation as massive as the USA.

Hence, I thought about this statement in reference to our current president, Donald Trump. The president is the president and he’s my president whether I like it or not. But I don’t like what he is trying to do to the legacy of former President Barack Obama. I believe that he has the potential and that there is a possibility that he will and can do great things. It is very obvious that he has his own agenda and his own plans, which as the president of the country you are supposed to. But what I do not agree with is him hurting people in the process. Just last week John Hayward wrote an extensive article in reference to President Trump bashing President Barack Obama. The thing is, that President Trump attacked President Obama’s efforts in regards to the African-American culture. Of all of the questions that were asked, the choice was made to associate President Obama’s presidential legacy with non-fulfillment Dr. King’s dream. I saw the entire scenario as a complete attack on two of the most influential leaders that have ever belonged to the African-American people, as well as the African-American culture on a whole.

The Breitbart News Network article begins with a question posed to President Trump by an ABC News reporter, George Stephanopoulos. Apparently, Stephanopoulos asked President Trump, “What he would say to Americans, especially African-Americans, who believe Dr. King’s dream has not been achieved?” President Trump’s response is immediately recorded as noted in the following statements. “Oh, I agree with them, and especially under President Obama.” He went on to state, “We have an African-American president and the Black youth, the African-American youth, has essentially all never done worse. You look at the unemployment in the ’50s. You look at African-American people that are 30 and 35 and 40, in the height of their strength and lives, and they’re doing horribly.

President Obama, an African-American, has done a terrible job for African-Americans.” I would like to make a brief example of what I am trying to convey here. It is never a good idea to criticize your predecessor in regards to a position that you have yet to “get your feet wet in”. It is easy to talk about someone if you have never been in the position that they are in. But when you are embarking on that same mission yourself, you have no idea what curves are up the road for you. Now, during the era of President George Bush, everybody had something to say about his leadership skills and the things that transpired during his presidency. The one person that I never really heard say anything derogatory towards our former president was President Obama. That is something that I have since learned to appreciate about him, as a man. I believe he chose the lesser role, which was a smart choice. He chose to embrace the man that had just walked the journey that he was starting, when he took office in January of 2009.

At the end of the day, no matter what anyone says about President Barack Obama, there were just certain attributes and values that he and his family demonstrated that were priceless and far different from any other president. We MUST Understand that the way we handle situations when we are placed in leadership positions, says a lot about our leadership style and ultimately tells people who we are. As it is, not only is the entire world watching what we are doing as a nation; but above all our future which is far most importantly, is watching. I always say that, ‘Children are like little magnets, they pick up everything you do or say.’ It is bad enough that mainstream media, the entertainment industry and other outlets have presented a mighty sad display for our future, in some cases. The way I see it is that, the last place our children need to see bad examples being set is in the governance of the country.

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But… He is Still the President!