Cha-ching for Darren Wilson, and a "lone wolf" terrorist strikes in Texas.

First, I want to say that I like the fact that folks tried to organize a boycott of large box stores today. I say tried because we all know that crass commercialism is what drives America, and getting people (especially some of you Negroes) to boycott anything that involves getting meaningless things at a discount is a challenge.

Still, it’s a start, and it’s just one of the many positive things that I see coming out of the tragedy that took place in Ferguson, Missouri. The people have to take action, because our leaders can’t. Or worse, they won’t.

My twitter line is full of positive stories of social activism, and all across the country young people are taking to the streets to say, enough.

All of this, of course, will not have an impact on Darren Wilson, the man whose depraved and “color aroused” actions led to the latest case of the unjustified killing of a young man for all the world to see. Mr. Wilson will be too busy counting his money. He allegedly got $500,000.00 from ABC News to give them an exclusive sit down, and from all accounts his supporters have raised almost a million more dollars for helping America rid herself of another one of those pesky Negroes. (The killing young Negro male business is good these days.) Predictably, Wilson has quit his job. Who needs a policeman’s salary and a derisory pension when you can make millions from the pockets of your fellow Neanderthals and from being a regular guest on FOX NEWS?

Finally, speaking of Neanderthals, in what is clearly an act of domestic terrorism, a “lone wolf” terrorist —-not of the Muslim kind—- just tried to make a statement in Austin,Texas.

“A man shot up a federal courthouse and a Mexican consulate — which he also seemingly tried to set ablaze — in Austin, Texas, early Friday before being shot dead outside police headquarters, that city’s police chief said.

The shooter fired “over 100 rounds” in a roughly 10-minute span, but he did not hit anyone even though the bullets ricocheted at a typically busy time in downtown Austin, when streets fill with people after bars close for the night.

“This Thanksgiving … weekend, I give thanks that no one but the suspect is injured or deceased,” police Chief Art Acevedo said. “That’s something that we should all take a lot of comfort in.”

The shooter was identified in a tweet from Austin police as 49-year-old Larry McQuilliam….

Authorities have not offered a motive, but the police chief said that the shooter’s “violent anti-government behavior” — as evidenced by attacking buildings that belong to Mexico’s government, the U.S. government and, in the police headquarters, the city government — may have come from ongoing and often vitriolic debates in society.

Our political discourse has become very heated and sometimes very angry, and sometimes the rhetoric is not healthy,” Acevedo said, adding that the divisive immigration debate “comes to mind,” given that the federal courthouse and Mexican Consulate were targeted. “I would venture, based on my training and experience, that the political rhetoric might have fed into some of this.”‘ [Source]

Larry is just acting out what many like him are feeling these days. Thankfully the only person who lost their life today was Larry.
But Larry had to get his motivation from somewhere, and there are other Larry McQuilliams out there getting their motivation to do evil things from similar places as you read this post.

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Cha-ching for Darren Wilson, and a "lone wolf" terrorist strikes in Texas.