CNN’ers Wonder if Obama Admin ‘Testing’ Racial Messaging for 2014

A political panel on CNN’s New Day on Friday touched on Attorney General Eric Holder’s comments before an audience at the National Action Network where he implied that he is treated poorly by conservatives because of his race. The panel noted that both President Barack Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have invoked racial issues this week and speculated that the Democratic Party may be “testing” racial issues as part of their 2014 messaging.

The Washington Post’s Nia Malika Henderson told CNN reporter John King that Obama is scheduled to talk about voting rights issues later on Friday. “So they’re going to gin up the base with this talk,” she noted.

“President Obama, since his campaign, has tried to tread lightly on race,” Bloomberg News reporter Margaret Talev observed. “In the span of three days now, three days, we’ve seen Nancy Pelosi talk about race in the context of immigration. Eric Holder basically saying he’s treated differently by Congress because of his race.”

“And President Obama raising issues of race at the LBJ,” she continued. “It’s almost too tempting to say, ‘Are they testing this as parallel an tangent to the economic equality message?’”

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CNN’ers Wonder if Obama Admin ‘Testing’ Racial Messaging for 2014