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"Color aroused" police officers and the damage they do to all of us.

Image result for tulsa crutcher images More Americans are starting to see the live and in living color execution of Terence Crutcher. And, as is usually the case, everyone is saying all the “right things”. (Well, everyone except a certain presidential candidates. Really? More dangerous than Afghanistan?)This will go on until the next black man is unnecessarily killed by someone who is paid to protect and serve us.

Fortunately, one of the candidates for president is at least talking about it, but sadly, the other candidate is not. It’s not hard to figure out why. Most of that candidates support comes from a group of people who somehow believe that black men bring it on themselves by simply being….well, black.

You see it’s like this: as a black man in America you don’t have to be armed to be considered dangerous; just being a black man is in of itself a weapon to some of those “color aroused” folks out there.

Being color aroused makes you refer to a large black man as a “bad dude” without knowing anything about him. Color arousal makes you treat blacks as something other than American. Color arousal makes you lump them all together and treat their communities as somehow being separate and apart from the rest of America.

We might not be able to help being color aroused from time to time, but we should never let it dictate our actions in such a way.

Finally, I have been saying for weeks that Donald trump should release his taxes

Believe it o r not, I am not coming from a bad place with this, I am actually trying to help the guy out.

He is going to need the help if these stories about him giving $258,000.00 to pay off one of his business debts with money from his charity are true. So releasing his tax returns will show the world that his “milk is clean”, and that he is being transparent and showing the world that his financial house is in order.

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"Color aroused" police officers and the damage they do to all of us.