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Constable Alan Rosen Re-Elected & Meet Justice Eric William Carter

By: Chelsea Davis-Bibb, M.Ed.

Houston- The Ballroom at Bayou Place was filled with music, good food, politicians, and a lot of positive vibes for the 2016 election watch party for Constable Alan Rosen and Eric William Carter. Many people have been on edge since the race to the election had begun, and many politicians have put in a lot of hard work, time, and dedication. Constable Rosen is one of those politicians, and he has cruised his way once again to victory as he is now re-elected as the Constable for Precinct One.

img_2395-1Furthermore, Mayor Turner also made an appearance as well, as he addressed the crowd and spoke eloquently about who Constable Rosen is, what he represents, and what he has accomplished in the community during his last term. He alluded to the fact that we are looking towards a brighter future, and will continue to do well and progress under his leadership.

In addition to, Eric William Carter was very proud, as he is now Justice of the Peace for Precinct One. He was very excited, grateful, and he looks forward to the tasks that are ahead of him. Constable Rosen spoke very highly of Carter, and praised all that he has done thus far, and all that he plans to do in the near future. Both Rosen and Carter are ready to accept their duties and serve the people that they love so much.

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Constable Alan Rosen Re-Elected & Meet Justice Eric William Carter