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Donald makes his pitch to "the blacks".

Image result for trump african american imageI think we are in the place with the trump campaign where he is supposed to be reaching out to black people. When you are polling at 2% among black folks nationwide you have to do something.

What trump did, though, was so clueless and out of touch that it’s almost laughable.

I guess we shouldn’t expect the man who questioned the legitimacy of the first African American president, and who refused to rent or sell his buildings to people of color to know any better. But someone should really tell Donald that he can’to just go lumping al black people together as a monolith. There is so much more to “the blacks” than ghettos, unemployment, and poverty. But Donald, bless his heart, just doesn’t get it.

Middle class blacks, have the same concerns as middle class whites, and they want the same things that they do: Good schools, proper government services, to be kept safe from foreign and domestic terror, and make sure that their tax dollars are going to the right places.

Sadly, in Donald’s world, all we want are handouts.

Donald Trump faces a number of challenges in his quest to win the presidency. One is his stunning unpopularity with African-American voters.

A recent poll found that Trump trailed Hillary Clinton among African-American by a margin of 92–2. Polls the key states of Ohio and Pennsylvania, found that Trump attracted zero percent of the black vote. (Even Mitt Romney, running against the first African-American president, managed to get 6%.)

Speaking in Michigan, Trump offered a blunt appeal to African-American voters: “You’re living in poverty. Your schools are no good. You have no jobs. 58% of your youth in unemployed. What the hell do you have to lose?”
His message was not well received. Of course, many blacks — like many other Americans — face challenges. But Trump lumped all blacks together into a single, monolithic, desperate group.
The black poverty rate is too high but most blacks, more than 72%, do not live in poverty. The black unemployment rate is too high but 92% of blacks in the labor force have jobs.
His appeal ignored the community’s diversity and relied on perpetuating negative stereotypes.”[Source]
His appeal will fall on deaf ears. Because one thing I do know about black folks, is that we can spot a fraud a mile away.
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Donald makes his pitch to "the blacks".