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Don’t tell Christopher that the elections are "rigged".

“An Idaho man grabbed two kitchen knives and threatened to “cut some n****rs” during a bizarre encounter with his black neighbors.

Christopher Gauthier, of Boise, came out of his home Friday morning with the knives as his neighbors were leaving for the day, reported the Idaho Statesman.

The victim said he loaded his two young daughters into his car for school, turned on the engine to warm it up and went back inside to get an item he’d forgotten.

That’s when the 38-year-old Gauthier ran outside, opened the car door and made a “scary face” at the girls, turned off the engine and ran back into his apartment with the neighbor’s keys.

The girls ran crying toward their home.”

Lord have mercy!

Folks, just think what will happen with the rest of the Christopher Gauthiers out there if Donald trump loses this election.

The man has already declared that the election is rigged and that the inner cities (black folks) are doing the bulk of the cheating, and that this will cause him and his people to be on the outside looking in come November.

Christopher is not alone, there are others out there on the trump- train who will become just as unhinged if their leader loses, And, what’s really scary is this: Some of die hard deranged supporters even work in law enforcement.

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Don’t tell Christopher that the elections are "rigged".