Dude, where is my limo ?

I must admit that when I first saw the following story I thought that it was a joke from The Onion. Sadly, though, after researching the matter, I found out that it was true.

I say sadly because as much as I rip Mr. trump, I do want our leader to be somewhat competent, and I do not want a president who suffers from some sort of mental disease calling all the shots. I think we can all agree that a development like that would be bad for America. I mean who wants a president who doesn’t have a clue where he is at any given moment during the day?

Which brings me to the above mentioned story:

“A new video (below) released on Twitter shows that Trump may have something seriouslywrong with him.
We’ve seen some strange behavior from Donald Trump recently, and we may have some answers, thanks to some psychologists, as to why he’s been acting is such a ridiculous manner.
“The behavior of the new president in his first week in office has experts and elected officials wondering: is this just a case of a president with predictable quirks, or is it something that raises concerns about Trump’s judgment and adherence to factual reality?…Now, we may be starting to witness something incredibly sad. Trump may be suffering from some sort of disorder like dementia.
Now, I want to stress that this isn’t something that’s meant to be funny or to be laughed at. We’ve all seen loved ones struggle with something similar to this, and it’s heartbreaking.
Trump has a habit of wandering off at the worst times. In this clip, he was seen looking for his limo, while standing directly in front of his limo.” [Watch]
That’s right, after stepping down from Air Force One, with his limo right at the bottom of the steps, Mr. trump proceeded to go wondering down the tarmac towards god knows where. Thankfully he was stopped by a trusted aide who led him to the right direction.
This is the man who will be squaring off with Vladimir Putin tomorrow to discuss issues that could have a serious impact on the world. If he can’t even find a limo that is right in front of him, how can we trust him to stick to the talking points ( which I am sure the people around him will be giving him) to help him stay on script?
Today he went off script and we say the sad results: Attacking a former president; attacking the free press; and attacking the US intelligence community, all while he is standing on foreign soil.
Here is hoping that his aides will not let him out of their sight tomorrow. If they do he could wonder off to Russia.

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Dude, where is my limo ?