Fear of a Black Lives planet.

PicMonkey Collage - ColbertWow, some people in white America are really freaking out over this whole Black Lives Matter thing. I mean really, it’s not like black folks are going to rise up and start attacking white people because they believe that only black lives matter.

Over at FOX VIEWS they are having a major meltdown because, gasp, Stephen Colbert actually wore a BLM wristband on his television show. Oh the horror! How dare one of the icons of white normalcy show solidarity with these rabble- rousers who want to rock the boat and shake up the status quo.

Down in Georgia there is a leader in law enforcement who is actually calling the Black Lives Matter activists “domestic terrorist.” Imagine that, a terrorist for saying that your life matters as well.

Just imagine if a bunch of Black Lives Matter protesters show up in his jurisdiction; they would be shot on sight.

Shaun King, the white, I mean black…or…whatever. The activist who has emerged as one of the leaders in the Black Lives Matter movement was not too pleased.

“The Journal-Constitution also ran a response from #BlackLivesMatter leader Shaun King, calling Conway’s statement “one of the most ignorant, uninformed, and inflammatory statements from a man of his stature in law enforcement that I have ever read.”
Here’s part of what he says:

What Butch wants us all to believe is that police officers across the country call us [racial slurs] in their free time, but love us with their whole heart when they are on the job…Butch and many of his law enforcement colleagues are falsely promoting this notion that there is a war against police. This is a dangerous lie they are telling – when, in fact, fewer police officers have been killed during the Obama administration than any other two term administration in our lifetime and the deaths of police officers are on pace to be near record lows this year- so much that they are down 46% since Ronald Reagan was president and 87% from their all-time high.”

It’s not only the police, Shaun. Quite a few folks in America (particularly those of the conservative persuasion) are promoting the false notion that there “is a war against police” in this country. It’s just not true. The knuckleheads and animals who kill police officers are not doing it for the Black Lives Matter cause; they are doing it because they are deranged criminals.

Colbert actually wore the wristband to fulfill the wish of a fan who was in the audience. So relax white America, it’s not like he woke up and realized that he wants to be the next Tim Wise or Morris Dees. He is still just a comedian who wants to make you laugh.

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Fear of a Black Lives planet.