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Fenty’s Got Fresh Products and New Foundation Shades On the Way

Fenty Beauty By Rihanna

Fun fact: While many little makeup-obsessed girls were dreaming of sampling their mothers’ lipsticks or eyeshadows, I was the only seven-year-old I knew who couldn’t wait to wear concealer. Those of you who have hereditary dark circles know what I’m talking about: constantly being told you look tired, feeling like your eyeshadow can’t compete with the shadows under your eyes, and just generally never looking your fresh-faced best without a little camouflaging coverage. Good times.

Suffice to say that as a now-adult, I’m a low-key expert on the best concealer formulations around, and am always looking for more—particularly those of the creamy, long-wearing variety. So, when it was announced that Fenty Beauty would finally be adding a line of creaseproof concealers to its already crazy successful cosmetics line, I knew this was the new year’s luck I’d been waiting for. Come through, 2019!

That’s right. Rih is dropping 50 shades of Pro Filt’r concealer to pair with her cult-favorite foundation line—one to match every shade.

“But Maiysha, why 50 concealers?” you ask. “After all, isn’t Fenty famous for starting the 40 shade foundation trend?”

I’m glad you asked, because that’s the real tea here. Never one to be outdone, our good girl gone bad just bested herself by adding 10 new shades throughout her already extensive foundation range, including two new shades at the deepest end, and a mid-range hue I’m already anticipating may be my perfect match. (At last!)

That’s right. This trailblazer just upped the ante on the beauty industry yet again by raising the bar even higher. Forget 50 shades of beige, y’all. This is 50 shades of glow-getting, standard-setting game.

But wait; there’s even more to love. To ensure that our looks stay perfectly set, Rih’s also adding translucent setting powders to the Pro Filt’r family, promising to banish flashback for once and for all. And in keeping with the all-inclusive Fenty philosophy, the eight shades encompass the full range of skin tones—are you peeping that rich cocoa?

Never one to leave us without everything we need to achieve a flawless face, Fenty’s got some new beauty tools to tempt us, too, including new brushes—and real talk, their foundation brush is a personal fave, so I’m pretty much ‘bout to be broke. Basically, they’re just asking for all our money upfront, so be ready when this black girl-inspired magic drops on January 11 at Sephora, Harvey Nichols (UK), and Fenty’s website.

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