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“Real talk: Daniel Rubin has a great little piece up wherein he chats with The Field Negro, the Philly-based blogger who sharply ponders all things black on a daily basis. (Seriously, if you’ve never checked in with TFN, you should: Its author, Wayne Bennett, is a fantastic read who can cut through bullshit like a hot knife through butter, which is a far grosser analogy than I wanted to make, but there you have it.)”

“One of the most precocious and hilarious Black political minds on the net. Ive been a long-time fan!” ~Asad Malik~

“..While most of what he writes is tongue-in-cheek, his space is a safe house for candid discussions about race, especially in the comments section, where people of all colors meet.”

~~Daniel Rubin, “The Philadelphia Inquirer”~~

“That’s why I love the blog “Field Negro” so much. Field, as he’s known to his fans, has the sense of reality that it takes to call out the (CowPuckey) of blame beating by those who are in positions of power and their lackeys. Because of his handle and his unabashed way of writing about racial issues, Field is often cited as a “Black blogger.” What he is, however, is a first-class detector of blame deflection and an excellent student of history. If you want to write about the past and future of repression there’s really no other perspective to take – which is why everyone should read Field.”

~Erik Hare, “The Twin Cities Daily Planet”~

“Half a century after Little Rock, the Montgomery bus boycott and the tumultuous dawn of the modern civil rights era, the new face of the movement is Facebook, MySpace and some 150 black blogs united in an Internet alliance they call the

Older, familiar leaders such as Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton and NAACP Chairman Julian Bond, are under challenge by a younger generation of bloggers known by such provocative screen names as Field Negro, thefreeslave
and African American Political Pundit. And many of the newest struggles are being waged online.”

~Howard Witt-The Chicago Tribune~

“I had no idea, for example, of the extent of the African-American blogging world out there and its collective powers of dissemination.But now, after reading thousands of anguished, thoughtful comments posted on these blogs reflecting on issues of persistent racial discrimination in the nation’s schools and courtrooms, what’s clear to me is that there’s a new, “virtual” civil rights movement out there on the Internet that can reach more people in a few hours than all the protest marches, sit-ins and boycotts of the 1950s and 60s put together.”

~Chicago Tribune Reporter, Howard Witt~

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