field negro: Caption Saturday.

Arrested for being a Socialist and redistributing toys to non-job creators.

-Doug in Oakland

Field and his blog cheerleaders wet dream….. It’s illegal to be white. Not out of the realm of possibility in 2019 under a Pelosi run Congress full of commies who hate white america.

Megyn Kelly (off-camera): “Okay, boys, I’ll take it from here. I’m the Santa police!”

Santa arrested for the greatest crime in this country: Not giving special treatment to entitled blacks.

That Santa is way too skinny. He can actually see his own tiny dick.

Police tend to the Jolly Green Giant after he was assaulted by white Santa for appropriation of the the phrase Ho! Ho! Ho!

Lighten up officer! It was just a joke! Melania! Melania! Melania! Merry Christmas…get it?

See, I told you Barack Obama made it illegal to say Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

Taken from delusional koo koo libtard website. No the tards want to destroy xmas because they feel parents are lying to children….

Black Man Shoots Himself In Penis During West Pullman Robbery, Prosecutors Say


Pistol Whipping of Sisters In Chinatown Part Of Larger Negro Crime Spree: Police


Black Carjackers Strike 5 Times In Park Manor, South Shore, Police Say


Welp, it was fun til the racist asshole fuckboys show up.

Come to Chicago folks!!!


Christian fundie wingnut police arrest Santa for stealing the spotlight away from baby Jesus every year. And also because his name is too close to “Satan.”

*Anonymous said…

“Taken from delusional koo koo libtard website. No the tards want to destroy xmas because they feel parents are lying to children….”


Seems you are a bit confused. It was Trump who tried to do that – to a seven-year-old no less.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
but a pasty pale geezer sipping on a cold beer,
with a little old script pad so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick.

More rapid than Walgreens their prescription he filled,
With over the counter illicit pain pills,
And he whistled, and shouted, and call’d them by name,
the addicts and junkies like zombies they came:
“Now, Oxy! Now, Xanax! Now,fentanyl
“On, Ambian! Vicodin! and Adderall

“From the trailer park gate to the back of the mall!
“Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!
“And I heard him exclaim
as he rode out of sight!
Happy Christmas to all. And to all a goodnight

Let’s play ‘Can you guess the race.’
Report: Alabama Sheriff Pocketed $1.5 Million for Jailing ICE Detainees
The Daily Beast· 18 minutes ago

Citing public records and interviews with county officials, AL.com reports that Etowah County…

Organizers in my hometown of Eureka, CA, have cancelled their planned women’s march on January 19 over concerns that the participants would be “overwhelmingly white”.
I’ll have to say that “overwhelmingly white” does in fact describe the population of Eureka.
When I was growing up there, there were maybe six black families there, and as of the 2010 census black people were still less than 2% of the population, but that’s not how you do it, folks.
Hold the rally anyway, you morons.
I realize how embarrassed you are afraid of feeling in front of the media; nothing ever happens there and any attention at all is a big deal for you, but inclusiveness is what the goddamn rally is about, and that fucking INCLUDES your backwoods, lily white asses up there behind the Redwood Curtain.
There were a lot of reasons I moved to Oakland as soon as I could pull it off, and behavior like that was one of them.

-Doug in Oakland

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