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Foreign policy blunders, and trump picks his "man".

TWEET ME Remember when Mr. trump said that we could all sleep well at night because North Korea was about to get rid of their nukes? Well, as it turns out, that was a lie. The fact that trump told another lie is not surprising—- he does that every time he opens his mouth. The fact that he told one about something as serious as this should scare us all.

We are now learning that North Korea had no intention of denuclearizing, and they are calling America gangsters for the demands being put on them to end their nuclear program. Go figure. Clearly something got lost in translation. My guess is that trump overstated the nature of his talks with the North Korean leader, and he wanted so much to create a positive spin on what his administration was doing, that he just forgot about the details. Because of this he signed an agreement that was just ceremonial in nature with no teeth.

If you think that was scary consider the following: trump is now getting ready to meet with his puppet- master one on one, and we are learning that there will be no one else in the room but those two and the interpreters. I can just imagine how that exchange will go.

*Donald, you are doing a great job, keep up the good work.
Thanks Vlad, I hope those tapes are all in a safe place.*

I will give it to trump, though, he has some balls. Knowing what we know about his relationship with Putin and Russia, and he still chooses to meet with him under these conditions.

The Europeans (our true allies) are pissed, but trump doesn’t care, because he loves Putin and the Russians more than he does Western leaders. Something about Putin’s management style really impresses the American president. Especially when it comes to journalists and the free press. Putin likes to kill journalists, and trump wishes he could.

Finally, congratulations to D.C. Circuit Court Judge, Brett Kavanaugh, for being trump’s pick to sit with the Supremes. He is very male and very white. Just like the “make America great again” crowd wanted him to be. He is also a ” strict constructionist” like Scalia, Bork, and our favorite Uncle who is still thanking his lucky stars that the #metoo movement came about 27 years too late.

I knew this was going to be trump’s pick, because he checked all the boxes. The biggest box being that he pretty much believes that the president has a lot of power, and he cannot be indicted, nor should he be distracted by silly things such as a lawsuits.

We know why trump picked this guy, and it has nothing to do with his intellect and judicial temperament.

The democrats of course are already gearing up for a fight, because they are certain that this particular jurist will have no problem overturning Roe v Wade, and setting back the clock on issues having to do with LBGTQ and voting rights. Good luck with that. This guy has been coached up, and he will know exactly what to say in those senate confirmation hearings to not seem as extreme as we know him to be.

The next few weeks should be interesting.

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Foreign policy blunders, and trump picks his "man".