Forest Whitaker Announced Co-Chair of JuntoBox Films

Juntobox Films, a collaborative film studio for filmmakers and fans, has announced that award-winning actor, producer and director, Forest Whitaker has been named co-chair.

JuntoBox combines the collaborative energy of independent filmmaking and socialization with the more traditional film studio approach to development, production and distribution. The company is slated to greenlight five films this year, with a total of $2.5 million in financing. Whitaker will play an active role in selecting, producing and marketing the chosen films with the aid of his production company, Significant Productions.

“What is most exciting to me about JuntoBox Films is the way it empowers filmmakers and film lovers to connect and be heard; it’s a platform designed to aid and nurture that process,” said Whitaker. “I am honored to have the opportunity to hear all of the stories that will be coming out of JuntoBox and help give power to those voices.”

“Beyond a business, JuntoBox is aspiring to be part of a new business culture that aligns talented people in need of support with accomplished mentors who want to give something back and encourage the stars of the next generation,” states JuntoBox founder Philippe Caland. “Forest is deeply involved in building the experience, function and creativity of JuntoBox Films, and his passion for the art of storytelling, make him the perfect partner for the JuntoBox community.”

JuntoBox is a social media platform for filmmakers and fans to congregate and share ideas to create films – and then actually make them. Members rate and vote on projects that will ultimately be selected and greenlit. Once a project is created, filmmakers rise up through the five levels of development by building their film’s profile through fan participation and completion of various tasks. The core of JuntoBox is its community of filmmakers and fans and providing them with a support and mentoring system to develop projects, careers and promote their film interests. JuntoBox utilizes online social gamification technology to merge the film and community development experience.

The JuntoBox digital team is led by Rachael McLean and Megan Westerby.


Forest Whitaker Announced Co-Chair of JuntoBox Films