Former prison officer sentenced to three months

Fired prison officer Antonio Cash, who showed up for duty with several packages of marijuana on Friday, was sentenced to three months in prison today after he pleaded guilty to drug possession with the intent to supply in a Magistrate’s Court.

Police said Cash, 27, was found with 11 ounces of marijuana stuffed in his socks at the Bahamas Department of Corrections.

Officers from the Drug Enforcement Unit and the K-9 Unit conducted a search of the prison officer and found the contraband.

In a statement to police, Cash admitted that he brought the drugs in for someone at the prison.

Cash was also fined $2,500. Failure to pay would result in him spending another three months in prison.

Magistrate Subusola Swain handed down the sentence as Cash’s pregnant wife looked on. She cried throughout the proceedings.

Cash’s attorney, Ian Cargill sought to convince Magistrate Swain against sentencing his client to serve time. He argued that Cash, who lost his job and benefits, had already been punished.

Outside of court, Cash’s family sang celebratory songs.



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