FOX has a Negro problem, and Sheriff Clarke has an inmate problem.

Image result for fox news black employees images It looks like more trouble for FOX VIEWS. Some African American litigants are stating that allegedly FOX fostered a culture in that news organization that was not only misogynist, but it was racist as well.

The treatment and alleged sexual harassment of women is well documented, but now a group of African American employees are giving us an insight into how they treated their African American employees who toiled on the FOX plantation.

“Fox News scourge Gabriel Sherman is now reporting that a racial discrimination lawsuit will be filed by seven African American employees this week. The suit alleges that employees of color were forced to arm wrestle for the entertainment of white employees. Sherman appeared on yesterday’s AM Joy on MSNBC to chat about the latest details in the case.

‘I obtained a letter from their attorneys that was sent to Fox that described really horrific acts of racial discrimination in which black employees were forced to arm wrestle for the entertainment of white employees in the accounting department,’ he said.

He added that this sort of information proves that the culture of Fox is entrenched and cannot be changed with O’Reilly’s ouster alone.

‘This is a systemic problem at Fox News that was created by Roger Ailes over two decades,’ said Sherman. Back in March, Fox was slapped with a different racial discrimination lawsuit…” [Source]

I am still not sure how a person of color with a conscience could work for FOX, but if what is alleged is true, they will deserve every penny that FOX has to pay to settle the suit.

Speaking of trouble, that fraud masquerading as a sheriff in Milwaukee’s just might have some splaining to do.

“A mentally ill man who last year died of severe dehydration in a jail run by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was kept in his cell for seven days straight after jail employees cut off his water supply, a prosecutor in Wisconsin said Monday.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that prosecutors told a six-person jury on Monday that cutting off water to Terrill Thomas’ cell was “highly irregular and contrary to standard operating procedure in the jail.” The comments came as part of an inquest into Thomas’ death, in which the jury decides whether there’s probable cause to charge anyone with a crime in Thomas’ death.

Assistant District Attorney Kurt Benkley told jurors that it “became apparent” that Thomas “was unable to tell people about his basic needs,” according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The jury is considering whether there is probable cause to charge any jail officials with abuse of a prisoner.
In a court filing last month, the district attorney argued that abusing, neglecting, or ill-treating a prisoner is a public welfare offense.

“Inmates are at the mercy of their jailors for basic life-sustaining necessities like water, food, and medical care,” the district attorney wrote in a court filing. “When a mentally ill inmate, like Mr. Thomas, is locked in solitary confinement without access to water, his life is totally in his jailors’ hands. The law much strictly require jailors to safeguard lives which are so completely entrusted to their care. Stupidity, thoughtlessness, indifference, and incompetence are not morally sufficient excuses nor valid legal defenses.”

Thomas’ death was included in The Huffington Post’s investigative project examining jail deaths across the United States in the year after the high-profile death of Sandra Bland in police custody in 2015.

of President Donald Trump who makes frequent appearances on conservative news outlets, appears to take a hands-off approach to managing the jail he’s charged with running and has deflected blame for the deaths that occurred on his watch. The Justice Department had been considering launching a civil rights investigation into the conditions at the Milwaukee County Jail, but the status of that potential investigation is unclear.

Erik J. Heipt, an attorney for Thomas’ family, noted that Monday was the one-year anniversary of his “senseless” death.” [Source]

Sheriff Clarke would have been better off paying more attention to his jail instead of running around the country trying to score Brownie points with right-wingnuts by being their token black guy who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is to “those other Negroes”.

The thing is about Negroes like David Clarke is this: Their star will shine for a little while, but sooner or later they will crash and burn. Because that’s what these types of Negroes do. They just can’t help themselves.

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FOX has a Negro problem, and Sheriff Clarke has an inmate problem.