Goodbye DACA?

Image result for Daca Immigration ReformToday was declared a “national day of prayer” by Donald trump. This is frankly kind of puzzling since today is also Sunday, and it happens to be the day that most Americans go to church. And, let’s face it, if they are not praying in church they are kind of missing the point of the entire exercise.

Sadly, today is the day (from reports in Politico) that I learned that Mr. trump is ending the DACA program as well. That just seems to be a very unchristian like thing to do. Forget the economic impact that it will have; that is well documented, but the human cost could be devastating as well.
Imagine separating someone —–who has been in this country since childhood—- from their own family and loved ones.

Somehow, though, that won’t matter to trump and this White House. He has built his presidency on division and partisanship, and he will do anything to hang on to the 30% of people who still approve of the job that he is doing.

The man hates Obama so much that he is hell-bent on doing away with any program that he created. This, in spite of the fact that members of his own party are telling him to reconsider ending the popular program.

We love the Dreamers, we love everybody…

No you don’t. You only love yourself.

I would pray for you if I thought that it would do any good.

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Goodbye DACA?