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Guns again.

TWEET MESomeone (I suspect a 2nd Amendment nut- case) made the point on twitter that there was no call for “truck control” after 86 people were killed in Nice, France.

The answer he got from a fellow twitter user was classic.

“When a 64 year old white man kills 58 and wounds 500 in fifteen minutes from 1200 feet with a knife, I will absolutely call for knife control. Until then, you’ve made the world’s shittiest point.”

Obviously I agree with the latter point. Guns are inherently dangerous and should be regulated. And, for the record, cars and trucks are seriously regulated. It is illegal to drive without a driver’s license, and you certainly can’t put a vehicle on the road unless it is insured.

I am kind of tired of the NRA talking points when it comes to guns. There is no slippery slope when folks just want to implement common sense gun laws. I suspect that most people in this country feel the way that I do, but unfortunately they were not bought and paid for by the NRA and sent to Washington to pass laws.

At some point the NRA should just say that, We won. Because, quite, frankly, they did. There are 88.8 guns to every one hundred Americans and that number is growing. That is a lot of guns,we have more guns per capita than any other country on earth. Not surprisingly, we have more gun crimes and mass casualty events than any other developed country as well.

Here is the problem in a nutshell:

“Opponents of gun control feared new restrictions after the killing of 20 six- and seven-year-olds at Sandy Hook elementary school in December 2012. The national outrage was intense, and legislators who previously were not interested in gun control measures suddenly were.

Two senators, Democrat Joe Manchin and Republican Pat Toomey, sponsored a bill that would have imposed universal background checks for commercial gun purchases, including at gun shows and over the internet. Eighty-four percent of Americans favor such a law.

But after participating in initial negotiations over the bill, the National Rifle Association came out in strong opposition and falsely claimed the bill would lead to a national gun registry. Four Democrats defected, not enough Republicans came onboard and the legislation went down. “The gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the bill,” Obama said in a furious Rose Garden speech. “

We will have this debate for a few more days while the tragic deaths of those in Vegas are fresh in our minds, but as is always the case, this too shall pass.

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Guns again.