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2thumbThese are serious times, so tonight I want to blog about a serious subject: Donald trump’s hairpin.

Now I know that your fist impression is that it is a silly thing to write about, but think about it, do you want the leader of your country (not to mention the free world) wearing a hairpin to important state meetings?

You don’t have to answer that. I know that your answer depends on whether you belong to the cult of trump or not. If you are a trumpster, you will justify the hairpin by saying that he needed it in his hair because he didn’t want to give the Mexican president the impression that he is unkempt. Or, if you are prone to conspiracy theories, you believe the story that it was really a tiny radio to translate what the Mexican president was saying and to give him talking points while he stood there looking “presidential”. If you are trump himself, though, you are calling your lawyers right now to start drawing up the papers for that Hair Club For Men lawsuit.

Friend of mine earlier today: “I am sorry dog, I am not voting for a man who wears a bobby pin in public. Period.”

“Trump has often made a show of proving that his hair is real, that it is his own, but even casual Trump observers can see that his unusual coif doesn’t bespeak a hairpiece, but a hairdo combed with the skill of a Jedi to give the appearance of a full head of hair. Now, you can all start poring over old Trump videos looking for bobby pins.”

Tommy, I think will pass. I have seen enough of this guy for two lifetimes.

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