Harvey hypocrisy.

Watching the VP’s photo op and his “I feel your pain” stop today in Texas made me sick to my stomach. (I swear he said Donald trump in every sentence.) Here is a man who doesn’t believe in climate change, is part of an administration that reversed regulations to protect infrastructure against flooding, and more importantly, he spoke out against giving aid to the people of New Orleans after a similarly brutal storm hit them.

And yet, there he was today, pitching in long enough for the cameras to snap up some pics, hugging a few chosen people to show that he cares, and playing hype man to his boss who will head to Houston at the end of this week. It’s all, of course, a big joke. And no one believes that trump (or Pence for that matter) gives a crap about those people in Texas. It’s Donald trump, he is incapable of feeling anything for another human being.

At least he has pledged a million dollars, although that too might be iffy. I will believe that he is parting with that million when I see him actually giving the check to a worthy cause. I suspect that a year from now, we will al be wondering what happened to the check. It will stay in the place that all of Donald’s empty promises and pledges went: His mind.

Finally, it seems that Sheriff David Clarke, who was the second worst sheriff in America, has resigned. I suspect that if he didn’t he would be forced out one way or another. He is lucky he is not leaving office in handcuffs, given that an inmate actually died of thirst in his jail.

But he should be fine, he is, after all, a friend of the president, a man who seems to have a penchant for law enforcement officials who abuse the office and the law that they are sworn to uphold. I am sure that the president will find something for him to do.

Besides, the president could use a new African American friend, since HIS other African American has turned on him.

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Harvey hypocrisy.