Her "sex presence" is driving them crazy.

I know that we shouldn’t, but most of us have things or people that we obsess over either publicly or, at times, privately.

When I first started this blog I was obsessed with finding Lark Voorhies, you know Lark, right? She was Lisa Turtle on Saved by the Bell back in the day. Anyway, thanks to the growing popularity of the blog, I finally found her. And all I can say is be careful what you wish for.

But I digress. Back to obsessions.

Conservatives, like the rest of us normal people, have obsessions as well. Lately their attention has been focused on a very attractive singer/dancer/actress/ from Houston, Texas, who happens to be linked up with a famous rapper.

I wish I knew why old white conservative men love Beyoncé so much. But I think we would all need a psychiatrist to sit us down and explain that one to us. I suspect that if this was 1815 and not 2015, Beyoncé would be pushing out little mixed babies while stashed away on a plantation down South somewhere.

“Future GOP candidate for president, Mike Huckabee, claims that the Obamas are bad parents because the let their kids listen to Beyoncé. Mr. Huckabee calls Beyoncé’s music, “sex music” .

“… not only do they let Malia (16) and Sasha (13) listen to Beyonce, they let them go to Beyoncé concerts and be in her sex presence.”

Well their father has been in her “sex presence” (????) himself a few times, but how is that exactly a bad thing? I bet that Mike wouldn’t mind being in her “sex presence” himself.

If I was in Lark’s “sex presence” before she got…well, different, I would have been delighted. (Digression alert.)

And then there is Bill O’Reilly, this guy has had a serious Beyoncé jones for awhile now.

“Beyoncé Knowles-Carter doesn’t deserve to be named one of TIME Magazine’s most influential people, according to Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, because her new album is promoting sex before marriage within the black community.

O’Reilly, who has been particularly concerned about Beyoncé’s “raunchy” new album since the music video for her song “Partition” was released, disapproves of TIME’s decision to put the singer on the cover of its annual “100 Most Influential People” issue. On his show on Friday, O’Reilly suggested that Beyoncé isn’t helping to address the “cultural deficits” in African American and poor white communities and is actually “part of the problem.”

Poor Beyoncé, all girlfriend wants to do is entertain, but she is being held up as a symbol for black single motherhood.

I wonder if this guy was held to such a standard when he was gyrating his hips and breaking the hearts of young teenage girls all over the country.

Naw, I bet not.

“The sort-of genesis of Fox Newsers criticizing Beyoncé for questionable material was back in 2010, when Fox contributor Sandy Rios and Bill O’Reilly went after the music video for Lady Gaga‘s “Telephone,” which featured Beyoncé. Rios had said to Megyn Kelly, “We’ve got Beyoncé and Gaga, gay and lesbian lovers. I mean, it’s disgusting”


I twill be the judge of that.

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Her "sex presence" is driving them crazy.