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How low can you go?

Image result for paula jones and otherYou always hear political pundits and talking heads talking about those white female suburban Philadelphia voters. They say that without them you cannot win Pennsylvania, and by extension, you cannot win the presidency since Pennsylvania is such a key swing state.

Today I was talking to one of those white female Philly suburban voters about the elections, and she confessed that she was a lifelong republican, who had planned to hold her nose and vote for trump this year. But now, she says, given trump’s actions over the past few days, she just cannot vote for the man.

Silly me, I assumed that it was trump’s hot mic “grab her pussy” talk that set her off, but I was wrong.

“It wasn’t that. What sealed the deal for me was the way he paraded those women from Bill Clinton’s past to sit front and center at the last debate. I just thought it went way beyond the pale. Gosh I hate to say this, but for the first time in my life I felt sympathy for Hillary Clinton.”

I must confess that I never even thought of the implication of that particular moment. I was viewing it from a purely political perspective, but I forgot the human aspect of it. Bringing those women out there to face down Hillary and Bill had to have rattled her a little bit, and it might have even worked for purposes of the debate.

The thing is, though, that it turned off the very demographic that he needs to win this thing: White female suburban voters. Hillary Clinton’s approval was highest when America found out that her husband was getting pleasured by his jump-off in the people’s house. They didn’t blame Hillary; they felt sympathy for her.

Donald’s people might want to keep that in mind the next time that they try to take us down memory lane.

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How low can you go?