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"I just started screaming for someone to help me, and he began hitting me even harder and faster”

Image result for james blake images body slam*Apparently that NYPD officer who assaulted James Blake (yes, that was an assault, not an arrest) during the US Open had some previous issues. And yet, somehow he managed to remain on the police force.

“In 2012, a Queens man said, Officer James Frascatore pulled him over for a broken taillight, opened his car door and punched him three times in the mouth, unprovoked.
The following year, another Queens resident claimed, Officer Frascatore punched him in the stomach several times outside a bodega and called him a racial epithet.
Those accounts, both made by black men, came to light after a rough arrest by the same officer on Wednesday in which he wrapped an arm around the neck of the retired tennis star James Blake and threw him to the sidewalk after mistaking him for a suspect in a credit card fraud investigation.”
How do these police departments across the country expect to properly police the communities they serve if they don’t start weeding out the bad apples?

In Oklahoma they clearly have some work to do as well.

Chris Barger said he was dropping off a friend at an apartment complex when a police officer pulled over and shone a spotlight through his window.

Police said Barger got out with his hand in his pocket, and that’s when the scuffle began.
It’s not an easy night for Barger to talk about.

“I just started screaming for someone to help me, and he began hitting me even harder and faster,” Barger said.

Barger suffered a broken nose and severe bruising after the incident Monday night.
It began when he was sitting in his car at 7th and Taylor.

“He begins to shine his light in my car window repeatedly and, after a while, I decided maybe I should get out of the vehicle and ask the officer what the problem is,” Barger said.
A police report showed the officer pointed his gun at Barger, and Barger put his hands up. Then, Barger said, the officer put his gun back and put him in a headlock.
Barger tried to pull away.

“By the time he threw me on the ground and hit me a couple times with his elbow, at that point, I was like this isn’t a police officer, this is just some guy here to kill me,” Barger said.
Another officer got there and arrested Barger for assault and battery on an officer.
The police report showed Barger knocked off the officer’s glasses.

“I was flinching every time one walked by me ever since in the police station,” Barger said.
Barger spent the night in jail for the first time in his life, where he said the other inmates showed him compassion.

“They brought me chairs and helped me sit down. They were better than the police were to me,” Barger said. “It’s not the way it’s supposed to be. The police are supposed to be the good guys.”

Wednesday, the police chief said he had not talked to the officer involved but, from what he understands, the officer didn’t do anything wrong.

He did say an internal investigation is not out of the question.

Barger is due in court Friday and does not have a criminal record.”

Oh, did I mention that poor Chris is white? Yep. I guess that trolls who were itching to comment with some snarky line about Field Negro’s racism chasing will have to take pause and maybe skip tonight’s post.

(Those lines quoted, which serve as the title for this post, are from Chris.)

Sadly, sometimes the racism chase just leads me to plain old police brutality.

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"I just started screaming for someone to help me, and he began hitting me even harder and faster”