Joe Scarborough: Republican ‘Bitching’ For Seven Years Has Done Nothing

Before the sun came up Wednesday Joe Scarborough was dropping bombs on set at MSNBC.

In the opening minutes of Morning Joe, the former GOP Congressman blasted his former party (nothing new there) and accused them of achieving nothing despite seven years of “bitching.”

I’m not sure if “bitching” is one of those words you’re not supposed to say on cable news, so I decided to document it for the ages here — just in case.

The remarks came in an otherwise unremarkable recap of headlines — specifically a bipartisan dinner between three Senate Democrats and three Senate Republicans focusing on a path forward for tax reform. (Unrelated, this does seem to confirm JScar’s old theory that Trump views feeding people as a negotiating tactic.) Scarborough’s “bitching” moment, however, zinged Republican divisions on the issue.

“We will repeat again the obvious. The Republican party has been in the minority for seven years. The Republican party has been bitching about how bad the Democrats are on health care and taxes and just about everything else,” he said. “And yet here we are almost done with the first legislative year of the Republican party owning Washington D.C, having a monopoly and not only do they not have a health care plan, not only were they not able to repeal Obamacare, they can’t even come together on a tax reform plan, again, eight months in.”

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Joe Scarborough: Republican ‘Bitching’ For Seven Years Has Done Nothing