John Berman Ruthlessly Grills Fiscal Hawk Rep. Dave Brat on Cost of Trump’s Military Parade

CNN’s John Berman just conducted a combative interview with Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) in which the pair sparred over a potential Congressional spending deal, which could avert a government shutdown.

After Brat decried the mainstream media and Democrats for ignoring the fiscal realities of the budget deal, Berman brought up the GOP tax plan, which is expected to raise the deficit to a trillion dollars, due to less revenue coming in.

“So, you’re okay with deficits there,” Berman said. “But you’re not okay with getting deficits this way. Are you for them or against them?”

Brat responded by telling Berman he should have “signed up for my econ 101 class” before lapsing into a defense of the GOP tax plan.

The conversation eventually rounded its way to President Donald Trump’s proposed military parade, which, you know, would cost a lot of money.

“Do you think there should be a military parade, paid for by the taxpayers, when you are very, very careful where you spend taxpayer money?” Berman asked.

Brat responded that he was going to “wait to see the details” on the parade.

“I heard it yesterday reported. I don’t know what it is yet,” he said. “I love a good parade but I don’t like spending money so we’ll see what the details look like.”

Berman continued to press the Virginia legislator and member of the Freedom Caucus, asking him if he would support the parade if it cost taxpayer dollars.

“Most parades cost taxpayer dollars. That’s what I’m saying. I can’t make a comment on that,” Brat responded.

Berman said that it “seems as though you are saying you are not totally into it,” to which Brat claimed ignorance, suggesting he merely “saw a headline” and “heard about it,” and, thus, did not know any specifics as to whether or not it would cost the taxpayers money.

The CNN host repeatedly asked Brat for a numerical amount that would simply be “too much” to spend on a grand display of military might, but Brat would not commit.

Watch above, via CNN.

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John Berman Ruthlessly Grills Fiscal Hawk Rep. Dave Brat on Cost of Trump’s Military Parade