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The murder of John Hernandez has shocked the city and the nation. In fact the world is watching to see if justice will be delivered in the case. To that end, the Houston NAACP and LULAC are jointly releasing this statement.

Since learning of this tragedy, our organizations have been in communication with officials.
1. We have explicitly conveyed our disgust and outrage.

2. We have followed the fact finding process involved.

3. We have urged that this matter be handled fairly, transparently and swiftly.

We are pleased with the announcement that both Terry Thompson and his wife, Harris County Deputy, Chauna Thomson, were indicted on murder charges in this case. We believe that there is definite evidence of probable cause that justifies these indictments.

To that end, we commend Sheriff Ed Gonzalez for bringing in the Texas Rangers and the Department of Justice to participate in the investigation. We also commend our District Attorney, Kim Ogg, for the investigative work they assisted with, and assembling the Grand Jury. Their work made certain that the Grand Jury would have sufficient factual evidence to consider in reaching their swift decision.

Our organizations will be monitoring this case as it goes forward. We do stand with all citizens with the expectation that the murder case of Mr. John Hernandez will be handled justly. And, we further state that we will bring the full weight of our partnering organizations to bear against a system that does not honor his life and the horrific of his wife and family.

Our prayers are with the wife of Mr. Hernandez, Mrs. Maria Toral and her daughter, who both were at the crime scene. May you be comforted by God’s abiding peace.

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