Learning the hard way that governing is tough.

Image result for trump health care images Let’s be honest, there is no way that republicans will let trumpcare go down tomorrow. They have way too much invested in getting rid of the healthcare plan named after the black man.

Still, the fact that they are having such a hard time getting the votes to support this dreadful plan (a plan it took them seven years to perfect) says all you need to know about the dysfunction among these right-wingnuts in Washington.

In one corner you have the real conservatives, and in the other corner you have the moderates. In the middle you have Paul Ryan and the trump White House, whose concern is not for the health of the American people, but rather the political optics of their dreadful trumpcare rollout.

Trump and Ryan just want a win at this point. Any win. Why? Because in case you have been living on another planet, these first 60 days or so have been absolutely horrible for team trump and the republicans.

And what’s scary is this: As Chris Hayes stated earlier, the White House does not know what’s in the health care plan and he does not care. He just wants a win. Details be damned. Details, by the way, which are serious, and which have serious consequences for the lives of real people.

“Kentucky GOP Rep. Thomas Massie said Thursday that the Trump administration had not convinced him to change his vote on the bill to replace Obamacare, and said that he hoped it would sink in the House.

“I am still very much opposed to the bill,” Massie said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Thursday. “I think it’s worse than Obamacare.” [Source]

Mr. Massie has changed his vote from No to HELL NO!

It’s going to be a long night.

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Learning the hard way that governing is tough.