Memo to the president-elect: Georgia’s 5th congressional district is not "falling apart".

Image result for images from georgia's fifth district I was reading president-elect trump’s tweet to John Lewis, and I couldn’t help but laugh at the man’s ignorance and naivety born of prejudice when it comes to people of color in this country.

A couple of months ago I drove down I-95 to the Bowie/ Mitchellville, Maryland area, in order to visit an old high school friend from Jamaica. We try to link up every couple of years to shoot the breeze and catch up on old times.

I recently found myself reflecting on that visit after reading what president-elect trump had to tweet about the congressional district of John Lewis.

There I was in a neighborhood with million dollar homes inhabited by doctors, lawyers, and business owners, and the majority, if not all of them, were black. (My friend happens to be a college professor and his wife is a physician.) Now granted, this particular part of Maryland is not a part of the inner city per say, but we all know what trump meant with his tweet. “Inner-city” means black people, and so if it’s black people there has to be all these issues with their quality of life, etc.

He assumed, because John Lewis is black, his congressional district had to be “horrible” and full of “burning” buildings, crime, and poverty.

Of course trump is wrong about that. Lewis’s 5th congressional district is in fact one of the most affluent in Georgia. And good for the paper of record in Atlanta for calling him out for his ignorance.

Ironically, the poverty that trump describes is becoming more and more of a suburban and rural issue.

If the incoming president wants to really help America he would do well to stop disparaging blacks and the neighborhoods they live in, and start making an effort to help all Americans—- including the poor rural voters who supported him.

There are now over 22 members of congress who will be skipping trump’s inauguration, and they have districts as well. Will trump, with his think skin, now take time out of what should be a busy schedule to trash each of them and the people they represent as well? I certainly hope not. But if he does, none of us will be surprised.

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Memo to the president-elect: Georgia’s 5th congressional district is not "falling apart".