2015.05.15. Port of Spain. The Alliance of Independents takes note and voices its utmost concern of Minister Prakash Ramadhar’s totally inappropriate statement, where at the Peoples Partnership Rally on 24th May 2015, he blatantly disrespected the rights of anyone to form an impartial Political party, or to be an independent candidate, by labeling those who are not supporting the UNC Government, as spoilers, and that they are then supporting the PNM.

What the AOI finds quite ironic is that the two main base parties have not shown such disrespect to the Third Constituency of voters and those parties who are Independent of the base politics, as they are both quite aware that without this support, they cannot be a part of the Government.

Additionally, this tag line theory of being spoilers and splitting votes ,and allowing the PNM to win if you vote for Third political parties, was the exact tag line used by the UNC to the COP supporters in the 2007 General Election, which at that time , it was the same Minister Ramadhar who totally condemned it, yet he now assumes such an aloof stance to state that any Third Force party and anyone who decides to vote for any other party, other than the Peoples Partnership, would be allowing the PNM to get into office.

It is this attitude that has caused the unfortunate demise of the Congress of the People, as these Third Constituency citizens have all but realized that the COP hierarchy has virtually sold out the principles that initially governed the COP.

If the PNM had the same belief, being that if one does not vote for the PNM, then it means that it is a vote for the UNC, does that mean that the AOI, MSJ, ILP, NAR and Independent candidates are then clandestine agents and spoilers for both UNC and PNM at the same time? This shows that Minister Ramadhar’s distasteful comments defies all logic, but it also sums up how the COP has lost its way, as previously the COP was formed to ensure that there is proper representation of that Third Constituency of voters who Minister Ramadhar now disrespects.

However, thanks to Minister Ramadhar, the role of the COP, based on his own actions and words, is now primarily to ‘ensure that the PNM does not get into power’. Minister Ramadhar’s comments reek of disrespect to the 150,000 odd independent citizens who are not locked into base political support, as he is totally out of place to accuse any independent political party or voter of being an agent and conduit for another political party, and that they are spoilers if they do not support the UNC Government.

The AOI was formed to fill the void left by the COP, primarily because of the incorrect direction of the party by their Political Leader, as this Third Constituency of floating and undecided voters demanded it. Minister Ramadhar would be well advised that such arrogant comments, does not in any way help in getting these floating voters to be aligned to the UNC Government, as the tactics of hate and fear politics would not work on independent thinkers.

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