Mothers: You Have The Power!

By Roy Malonson

Mothers are humanity’s most precious jewels and they have not just gotten that way, it’s been that way. Our existence originates through the motherhood of a woman. Therefore, our mothers – Black mothers in particular, have the power to change the world. But first, they must realize the power they possess.

In most cases, our first lessons are taught to us by our mother. Generally, it is a mother who gives a baby the first welcoming hug and kiss of love. We are nurtured by mothers. Considering that children are like sponges and soak up everything they see others do around them, they are going to interpret the mother’s actions, words and love as how society is. That’s why it is so important our women recognize their power and strength.

We MUST Understand our women are the most dominant species ever created. Once again, within a woman is the power to change the world. Addressing our African- American women, that change will never come until you first learn to respect yourself. From the moment a child is brought into the world, mothers immediately begin to set the tone. We MUST Understand, if you don’t respect yourself ain’t nobody else going to respect you. They certainly won’t respect your children if it appears that neither of you are worth it. People often say, “Respect is not given, it is earned.” While I believe that every person should be owed a certain level of respect, people today aren’t as thoughtful.

There was a time when women had standards and if you didn’t have any, you would not get the time of day from them. Back in the day, we couldn’t just approach a girl any kind of way and we certainly couldn’t come to her home amongst her family looking, dressing and acting like a little thug or gangsta. Even if we could take a girl out, there were rules and guidelines we had to abide by, if we wanted a second shot. But these days, it appears as if those values and morals have gone out the window.

It is a sad reality and in return, they are teaching their sons and daughters not to have any. Then when they go out into the real world and bump their head, they want to blame it on everybody but themselves. NO! It’s your fault because you had the power to groom them from the womb. Furthermore, I do not understand how it has become a theme in our culture to salute our precious jewels as whores and b&*^%. But, when I sit and think about it, the image some of our ladies insist on portraying makes room for such elements. Thus, young men don’t mind calling them out of their names and it appears some of them don’t mind answering to it. From where I come from it’s always been said, “Be a lady in the streets” and a you know what, “in the sheets”. So, there is a time and place for all things. But flaunting and disrespecting yourself in the streets is just not the proper place to do it.

All I am suggesting here is that our mothers, our young Black women have the power to control these things and it starts right at home. So my Mother’s Day message to our women is, “Come on let’s get things back together.” Go back to the days when a man had to work for your attention, instead of it being the other way around. Go back to the days where raising your child was priority, regardless if the father decided to stay or abandon the family. If things were to revert, I guarantee we would see a big difference in the world we live in. Concluding I would just like to echo the words of Ruth Boorstin who said, “Be bold in what you stand for and careful what you fall for.”

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Mothers: You Have The Power!