Neighbour sleeps with woman’s son as revenge | Commentary

Wah gwaan, peeps? Hope unuh good and unuh nah stress out unuh self ova crasses. Cut and Clear all jinjy fly and corruption!

All right, on to di drama:

Dis woman ova ya inna Rinjy Lan did a pick up har 15-year-old son backpack and notice say it open. When she go fi close it, she see a phone in deh weh different from di phone weh she know har son have. She get suspicious bout it, because har son did obviously a hide di phone. She decide say she a go try get inna di phone. She manage fi figure out him password from other times when she did a setup online accounts fi him. Baps, she get inna him phone and start see di tings dem. Di bwoy freaky to di max! Di dawg a rinse out woman left right and centre.

But one particular woman weh him a shell out mash up har head har 38-year-old married next door neighbour! They’ve been neighbours for many years, and she neva see nuh sign say dem tings deh did a gwaan. So she decided fi page di neighbour.

She move to di neighbour and tell har say she muss stop do di tings dem wid har young son and dat she a go consult wid di son fadda and see about getting her arrested. But she nearly drop dung when di neighbour tell har say she can’t do any of that. So di mumma ask har wah fi stop har? Di neighbour responded dat if di mumma go say anything she a go tell di mumma husband say she di mumma used to tek di neighbour husband.

Yeah, back inna di day, years ago, di madda used to sleep wid di neighbour husband. Di neighbour did find out and move to har owna husband bout it. It almost destroyed dem marriage. Dem did haffi pay thousands fi counselling fi build back dem ting, and a so di husband did stop sleep wid the madda.




And a so now di neighbour a explain say even though she and har husband did balance back dem ting, all dese years she did still have up di mumma fi weh she do. She say di bunning part she coulda get over, but a how all these years di mumma did a chat up to har like dem a bestie an all a cook fi har every holidays and always a preach bout di importance and sacredness of family. She say dem tings deh neva stop bun har, and that’s why weh har son turn 15, she decide fi seduce him and record him a do di tings dem outta revenge.

She say if di madda neva did find out, she did a plan fi tell har anyway, and fi show har di videos of har son a do di tings dem. She also say she still have videos of di madda a do di sup’m dem wid har husband back inna di day. Di neighbour tell di madda say har plan was fi have har a suffa in silence while she a see di neighbour everyday, and cyaan do nutten bout it jus like wah di madda did do to har.

Now di madda nuh know wah fi do. Cause if har husband hear wah she used to gwaan wid she say har marriage a go done. And fi mek it worse, she talk to har lawyer bout it and di lawyer say if she nuh report wah she find out she can be held criminally liable for being complicit in the carnal abuse of a minor, har child.

She say outside of har lawyer, me a di only other person she tell. She say she nuh think she a go tell nobody else, and dat she woulda more worried if har son did younger, but dat at 15 years old she think him can manage it.

And yes, I did ask her permission fi write di mi-up ya so

Obviously whole heap a issues inna da mix-up ya, including di fact dat di madda woulda deal wid di matta different if it was har 15-year-old daughter instead of a son.

Leggomentz again. See unuh next week same place ya so. Bless up unuh self.

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