Out in the cold – Man to spend holidays between homeless shelter and the streets | News

Sitting on Hanover Street in downtown Kingston, Jason Wright stares into space while two other men chat beside him. His clothing is partially dirty and his hair is unkempt.

The 34-year-old was quick to point out that he has seen much brighter days. But for the first time in his life, he will be spending the Yuletide season between a homeless shelter and the streets.

“Mi feel really awful, and mi wish mi did a spend it, even if not with mi family, but in a little place for myself. Mi really wish the season did catch mi with a job. Mi mother have diabetes and mi father have prostate cancer, and mi can’t even carry a gift go give dem,” he said.

Wright, who hails from Jones Town, St Andrew, said that he was thrown out of his home after a family feud 11 months ago. However, he remains close to his sister who, he said, assists him financially at times.

“Sometimes she will give me tings, and another time she will run mi. Like how tomorrow is Christmas and it’s the time of giving, she will give me a ting. But for now is over the Poor Relief is my home, and I won’t lie, dem treat mi good. Mi know dem a do dem best fi mi have a good Christmas, but it’s just not the same without me being in a home,” he said.

A former porter at The University Hospital of the West Indies, Wright said that he wants to attend the HEART Trust/NTA, but he is unable to purchase the material that is required for a barbering course.

“Mi want a nice likkle house and a business, but mi really can’t afford it right now. All mi need is a head start because God know mi nuh waah live like this. Mi nuh waah spend a next Christmas homeless,” he said.

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