Playing the "gotcha" card.

*I know that it’s cool to be clueless in America at times, but someone should tell Donald Trump to brush up on his foreign policy skills just a little bit. You can’t just go calling out television and radio hosts (your so called ideological soul-mates to boot) every time they embarrass you by asking you some simple questions. I mean this is getting into Sarah Palin territory.

“When Hewitt prodded Trump about the Quds Force, he said he mis-heard the name. ‘Are you familiar with General [Qasem] Suleimani?’ the host asked.
‘Yes, but go ahead, give me a little,’ Trump said. ‘Go ahead, tell me.’
‘He runs the Quds Forces,’ Hewitt offered.
‘The Kurds, by the way,’ Trump replied at first, ‘have been horribly mistreated by [the U.S.].’
‘No, not the Kurds,’ Hewitt corrected him. ‘The Quds Forces, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Quds Forces is the bad guys!’
‘Yes, yes,’ The Donald followed along. ‘Oh, I thought you said Kurds, Kurds.’
On Friday morning he told MSNBC that ‘by the way, when you say Quds vs. Kurds – I thought he said Kurds … it was like “gotcha, gotcha.” Every question was, do I know this one and that one. You know, he worked hard on that. I thought he said Kurds.'”
Yeah I know Donald, because Kurds and Quds (pronounced C-O-O-D-S)sound so much alike. *eye roll*
My lord man, if you don’t know what is in essence the Iranian version of special forces, how are you going to deal with Iran and their friends when you become president Trump?
But not to worry, this too shall pass. The low IQ voter will keep eating up the Donald because he puts on such a good show, and he knows how to yell and scream to get their attention. Then there are those hats with that awe inspiring saying: “Make America Great Again.”
Oh and lets not forget his goons who keep kicking the shit out anyone who dares to show any sign of dissent in his presence.
A top security guard for Donald Trump smacked a protester in the face after the man chased him for snatching a banner Thursday, video shows.

The guard grabbed the blue sign that said “Trump: Make America Racist Again” — a play on the billionaire’s campaign motto — outside a press conference on the Donald’s new pledge of loyalty to the Republican Party, NY1 Noticias video shows.

Demonstrator Efrain Galicia ran after Schiller and appeared to reach for the banner and grab the guard from behind. Within seconds, the guard turned around and whacked him in the face with an open hand as a scrum of reporters snapped photos.” [Watch]

Donald’s supporters love his goons. It shows that he is not to be messed with. That’s the old American fighting spirit. Finally, an American tough guy to rival that Russian who likes to show off himself au naturel.

Before I finish, let’s remember that Kentucky clerk who would rather cool her heels in jail than follow the law of the land. She is getting a lot of love from certain quarters. Kind of like a certain rancher from Nevada did.

One thing I do know is this: She will not die in jail under mysterious circumstances. In fact, she will come out a hero and make a ton of money doing speaking tours and appearing in the right -wing media. But Field, isn’t she a democrat? In name only. This woman has wingnuttery written all over her. And I know that she has become “the symbol of religious opposition to same- sex marriages”, but personally, if I was a part of the religious right, I would try to find a new hero.

“She was first married in 1984, when she was 18, and divorced a decade later, court records show. Five months after the marriage dissolved, she gave birth to twins by another man.
In 1996, she married again, and her new husband adopted the twins. They divorced in 2006.

The following year, she married the father of her twins. That third marriage lasted less than a year.
In 2009, Davis remarried her second husband, Joe Davis. They remain wed.”

Lord have mercy! No wonder she doesn’t want to issue a marriage license; she probably used them all.

Have a wonderful evening everybody.

*Pic from dailykos.com

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Playing the "gotcha" card.