Prophecies: The word of the Lord for Nations – 2019 and onwards – Part III | News

The following is a continuation of prophecies for the new year, brought to us each year through Prophetess Doris Hutchinson, Apostle Steve Listen, Prophetess Michelle Lyston, Prophetess Sophia DiMuccio, Prophetess Nadra Brotherton and Prophet O. Onesto Jolly.

20 The Lord says pray for the following politicians Peter Phillips, Mikael Phillips, Pearnel Charles, Pearnel Charles Jr., Christopher Tufton, Audley Shaw, Andrew Holness, Phillip Paulwell, Mark Golding, Lisa Hanna, PJ Patterson, Paul Robertson, Douglas Vaz – it is testing time. Pray also for their salvation; and pray for the healing of Dr Kenneth Baugh.

21 Jamaica has been making agreements with other nations that engage in evil and they have been making arrangements which are displeasing to God in an effort to bring money into the country. There is stringency with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), so they are selling out the country through immorality and compromise to get more money into the country. Money received is being shared for their personal use on both sides. It is also being shared among some in the business community as well as some in the church fraternal. God shall expose. You will see many of the churchmen beginning to drive classy cars because they are a part of the immoral agreement, and they will be using it to show their congregation that they are being blessed. This atmosphere of the false blessings is facilitated in many of the churches and will put a further strain on the people to support their lifestyle. Fifteen of them are spiritual advisers attached to both parties. It is through this that they are able to expand.

22 In Jamaica, there is too much pressure on the poor. While they are pressured to pay taxes, especially land taxes, most authorities within the nation don’t pay taxes while the poor are under the strain to do so. The Lord says He will expose and remove the covering. Many of them will resign and leave the nation.

23 There are no more secrets in our nation (Jamaica). It has been infiltrated and resources are being taken from our land and sea. There are Trojan horses in our midst. Even our very water is in danger. We are losing our quality water.

24 The Lord says He is going to shake Parliament and shake some of them out. What they should do for the nation they are not doing it. There is partiality with favours to friends but God is going to expose it all. They know the right thing to do but because of position and politics they do the wrong. They think they are untouchable. There will be chaos and confusion, they will be the order of the day within the political arena of Jamaica.

25 Both sides have upcoming plans whoever wins the nation doesn’t know about. Some of the labourites and PNP are close friends. They go behind people’s backs and make plans. When they come into power they will continue with their plans. There are serious deceptions ahead. But the word of God is reaching them and if they don’t come out and repent, God is going to deal with them.

26 The Spirit of the Lord is exposing every politician because their motives have been to deceive the citizens to get their votes. But, the Eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth and they have been weighed in the balances and found wanting. Daniel 5:27 (TEKEL) There is a great shift that is coming to Jamaican politics, whereby the majority of votes will be awarded to fresh faces [young politicians] and more access will be given to certain genders. There are some politicians who behave like extortionists because they are the ones pushing most of the crime, but the Spirit of the Lord says “Who unto those who do these things!”

27 The Lord says the politicians need to genuinely help the citizens of the nation within each of their communities served. There are high-powered weapons that are being distributed within different communities as bribing to get their votes (ensuring that their votes are secured for the next election). In the next general election in Jamaica there will be many surprises.

28 A time is coming when the gospel will not be preached as freely as it is now in Jamaica, as many want to change the Scriptures to suit their lifestyle and change the way they teach religious education in Jamaica. If they continue to change the word to fit their lifestyle He will visit them. Be warned Jamaica! God will visit the nation.

29 Pray for the Jamaican dollar to maintain its value. Pray against manipulation and undermining of the dollar; and also for Jamaica to stop divestment before it is too late because that will negatively impact on the nation’s economy and its future. Pray for exposure regarding the Martha Brae River and that entire area.

30 There will be a lot of betrayal that will take place in the JLP and PNP. Particularly, JLP. Pray that we will not have another Donald Sangster situation. There will be also switch from one party to the next. Pray for all of the “higglers” within the nation. As there are plans to get rid of the “higglers” and to sabotage and kill livestock and poison the livestock to get the land. Pray!

31 The Lord says, if the NIDS implement in the present state people will be framed, stories fabricated and it will increase crime and contract killing. Rapists will have access to information from within – everything about the person will be exposed. Privacy will be compromised, even with the politicians. Many people will be tracked, especially those who owe taxation. Problems within the health sector: wrong blood diagnosis, issue from within, missing medical files, surgical problems, missing police reports especially regarding homicides/murders, tickets given for spot check, several surveillance problems, invasion of privacy. Politicians will use the information against other politicians. Nations, this is not a JLP or PNP issue, this is about Jamaica. It will create a credit system which will create greater suffering on the poor.

32 As nations continue to digitise, we will see more fraud, more hacking, more cybercrimes and more trouble than we anticipated.The leaders also need to be warned as there are Trojan horses within the nations, nothing is safe. Be careful before implementation.

There is a great outcry for the youth in Jamaica. The enemy wants to take them out.

The Lord says He wants His people to rise up from different parts of the island and cry out for the children.

33 Pray for the fishermen in Jamaica and throughout the nations. They must begin to arm themselves and also let the authorities know their whereabouts. They will be coming up against deadly sea creatures as well as pirates.

34 Pray for the entire Red Hills, and Red Hills Road. For they are building Jamaica for a fall. The Lord says, unless Jamaica repents, there shall be a fall. But God will take care of the poor and those who take care of the poor, as they have forgotten the poor.

35 God wants the people in Jamaica to cry out for God to reveal the hidden agenda, motives, and undermining behind the crimes in Jamaica. It has to do with power, greed, and control. It has to do with other agendas and sexual rights. The people must pray.

36 The government must put a system in place to investigate all resources that are given to non-governmental organisations in the nation. What is the source and purpose? It is critical to the crime, violence, and destruction of family that is taking place. Is it to help life, or destroy life?

37 The Lord calling on all the spiritual leaders in Jamaica, who are truly His, to begin to take their members into the street within their immediate community to evangelise. Which includes small and large business. There has to be unity to combat the devil’s plan. Also the areas that they need to watch, Mona, Stony Hill, Mountain View, Westmoreland, St Elizabeth, Hanover, Clarendon, St Ann, Oracabessa, St Mary, St Thomas, Waterhouse, Duke Street, Portland.

38 Pray for Kingston Wharves and the Norman Manley International Airport. Pray against corruption and that things will not tarnish the nation. Pray also that disaster will not hit Kingston Wharves. Pray against an increase in contract killings.

39 The Jamaican Government is constantly requesting help from other countries for monetary loans, but the government has the resources at Bank of Jamaica. For example, the notes and so on.

40 The Reggae Boyz team need to be more serious as individuals and as a team: each player is talented and needs to have his mind renewed. They need to see themselves as winners each time before a practice and before a match.

41 The Jamaican Olympic team needs more focus to discern when there is deception because many athletes from other countries are not pleased with them. They do not want them to win or to be recognised in any way. Be watchful, wise, and confidential because this goes beyond simple rivalry and sportsmanship. Be warned!

– The prophecies given are for 2019 onward. God can choose to hold His hand back from any form of judgement pending, subject to the repentance of nations and individuals. Jonah 3: 5-10; Exodus 32: 14; Jeremiah 18: 7-11; Amos 7: 3-6; II Kings 20: 1-11 and I Corinthians 13: 9. Please remember, God does whatever He pleases (Psalm 135: 6). He changes Times and Seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings (Daniel 1: 20-23).

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