Real men don’t curtsy.

Image result for trump curtsy imageI saw some of trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia today, and if some of you trumpbots were watching, I am sure that you were a bit surprised at his new tone. You must have thought that it was the secret Muslim, Obama, speaking out there. I mean he even did a curtsy in front of King Salman for good measure. Nice.

There was no mention of the words “radical Islamic terrorism“, something that he said so much during his campaign to fire up his base, that it became one of his calling card. Let’s face it, the man won because he promised to build a wall to keep out the Mexicans, and to ban all Muslims from traveling to our country. And yet, there he was today, sucking up and doing a little curtsy for the King. (Remember when right-winguts went hysterical because Obama “bowed“?)

Anyway, we are all well aware of trump’s hypocrisy by now. He ripped Michelle Obama for not wearing a head scarf to the Kingdom, and yet, there was his own wife going on her Saudi trip without one. You gotta love the Grifter In Chief.

Now it’s off to Israel and the Vatican for team trump. The Holy Father better get his bullshit shovel out.

Finally, there is an interesting story circulating about an African American Judge in Alabama.

“An Alabama judge who once complained on Facebook of being racially profiled by the police refused on Thursday to recuse himself in a case involving a white police officer’s fatal shooting of a black man.
Defense lawyers had argued that two posts by the judge, Greg Griffin of the Montgomery County Circuit Court, created the appearance of a conflict, one of the lawyers, Roianne Conner, said in a phone interview.
But Judge Griffin denied the defense’s motion during a hearing on Thursday morning, Ms. Conner said.
“He took it very personally,” she said. “He told me he could take off his black robe, but he couldn’t take off his black skin.”
Thursday’s ruling was the latest twist in an emotionally charged case that has resonated deeply in the predominantly black city of Montgomery, a place with a history of distrust between the local authorities and residents.
Ms. Conner estimated that six judges had already recused themselves from the closely watched case for various reasons. And her team has asked to move the trial to another county because, it contends, its client has been the victim of “racial prejudice” since his arrest.
Neither Judge Griffin nor his court reporter responded Thursday to phone calls and an email seeking comment. A call to the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office also was not returned.

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Real men don’t curtsy.