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Religion Profile: Pastor Leroy Henderson

Houston- “I came straight from the streets to the pulpit. They call me Rev. Real because my story is so real and touches the everyday person…nothing is sugar coated, I’m just telling everyone what God has told me to say.”

Pastor Leroy Henderson was born in Houston, Texas, but was raised in Prairie View, Texas. He attended church at St. Peters Missionary Baptist Church where he was ordained under Fred Thomas III, and he served under his ministry for 17 years. From there, he came to Houston and started his own ministry. He is currently the pastor of The House of Praise Worship Center. Although he has only been there six months, his congregation is constantly growing, and he thanks God everyday for the opportunity to spread the word of God. “I’m just glad to be serving God, and doing God’s will,” he expressed. Pastor Henderson is not only a pastor, but a businessman too. He owns a beauty and a barbershop (Executive Barber and Beauty & Executive Salon Suites), which is located on Jones Road. With everything that has happened in his life, Pastor Henderson gives all of his glory to God. “God is good. He is blessing me financially, spiritually, and emotionally,” expressed Pastor Henderson.

Pastor Henderson didn’t always want to be a preacher. In fact, he never thought that it was his calling. He had a rough life growing up on the south side of Houston. As a child, he was in and out of trouble, and his mother sent him to Prairie View to live with his grandmother. His grandfather was a deacon at a church called Progressive Missionary Baptist Church. He would attend church with his grandparents, and he would just hang around the church. “The church wasn’t in me, I was just hanging. But it was one day when my grandma had told me that if I ever needed Jesus to just call on him.” Little did he know that day would be soon. One day, he got into a situation to where he needed Jesus, and when he called on him, Jesus answered. When Pastor Henderson was delivered from that situation, he knew Jesus works. “He worked in my life…I told him that if he helped me out of this situation, I would serve him” Although he made this promise to God, he still had one foot in the church, and one foot out of the church.

Another situation arose when he was faced with congested heart failure. “I was laying on that gurney looking at the ceiling at the hospital…and it came back to me what I told God, that if he got me out of that first situation, I would serve him.” The doctor told him he had to quit smoking, drinking, and running the streets, or his heart was going to stop working. “I turned to God and asked God that if he helped me, I would do his will.” God allowed him to get out of the hospital after four days, but he still kept doing what he wanted to do. After another episode with his heart, he knew he had to finally change his ways. At that moment, he started praying because he was running from his calling. “As I would run away from my calling, I kept finding myself in a situation. Instead of me running from my calling, I ran to my calling. Ever since I ran to it, as the old folks would say, I grabbed hold to the gospel plow, and I’ve been living the Christian life ever since.”

When Pastor Henderson started his ministry, he started it with a mustard seed of faith. He didn’t know where or how he was going to start the ministry because he didn’t have a building or any resources for a location, but he did have a vision. On December 16th of last year, he asked the manager of Hotel Preet if he could use the ballroom to start his ministry. For the first few weeks, he didn’t have any members, but he stayed faithful and loyal to his calling. By the eighth week, he received his first two members that came in to hear the word of God. “I was so happy that when they came in the door, it reminded me of when I was preaching to those empty chairs. I remember that God said if he be lifted up, he would draw all men. I remember that God said that he would also add to the church as he saw fit, and the tears fell from my eyes. I knew that God’s word would never fell.” Pastor Henderson couldn’t be happier as the ministry has grown, and is still growing. “I thank God for him to allow me to have a vision to start my ministry. There are so many churches in Houston, but God’s work is still being done.” Pastor Henderson is always ready to touch lives with the word of God. He is so humble and happy to be serving the Lord.

By every good man, there is always a good woman by his side. Pastor Henderson has a wife that is very supportive and has been there through it all. He has been married to the beautiful Laconya William Henderson, for over 27 years, and they have four children named Bianca Henderson, Jedidiah Henderson, Leon Henderson, and Leroy Henderson III. If you are interested in attending his church, it is located off of Little York at 14996 North West Freeway in the Hotel Preet Ballroom. You can also visit their website at

“The story is just yet being told, I’m still writing the book.”

-Pastor Leroy Henderson

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Religion Profile: Pastor Leroy Henderson