Shameless politics, and get that Negro away from me.

Well this didn’t take long. The bodies of those who tragically lost their lives in that Malaysian Air crash in Eastern Ukraine have not been removed from the fields that the poor souls perished in, and already the political vultures are out foaming at the mouth and gnashing their teeth.

They are blaming Barack Obama for this tragedy (not Vladimir Putin) because this is what having a serious case of derangement syndrome can do to you.

From Allen West, to John McCain, they were fighting each other to get in front of a microphone and a camera to take their shots.

“It’s just been cowardly, it’s a cowardly administration that failed to give the Ukrainians weapons with which to defend themselves,” McCain said.

The former Republican opponent to Obama’s 2008 campaign said these comments after Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed into Ukraine, causing the deaths of nearly 300 people. But while rumors surface that Russian separatists were responsible for shooting down the commercial jet, McCain is taking aim at the president.

“I don’t understand this president,” McCain said Thursday on Fox News’ “Hannity.” “The crisis on the border and he did the fundraisers, the fundraisers in New York while there are major major conflicts, not to mention the loss of American lives reported … I do not understand it.”

He added, “This is what we used to call in the military AWOL.”

McCain suggested that if reports prove that Russia was behind the attacks, the United States should “impose the harshest possible sanctions on Vladimir Putin and Russia.” [Source]

They were in rare form.

Forgetting, of course, that their hero, Ronald Reagan, took four days to respond to a similar civilian plane being shot down by the Russians. For the record, Barack Obama took twenty four hours. Can you imagine if Barack Obama had taken four days to respond to this tragedy?

So Reagan didn’t want to leave his ranch and Barack Obama doesn’t want to cut his fundraisers short.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER:“What is the president’s reaction? You said what matters is not where he is. He’s had no reaction. He’s had no reaction to anything that I can tell in the last six months. Look, it isn’t as if we’re going to go to war with Russia, but we’ve denied Ukraine lethal weaponry on the grounds that we don’t want to escalate the conflict. The rebels and the Russians are killing Ukrainians in large numbers, by shooting them out of the sky. The least the president could do is make a damned decision for once in his life and announce that we are now going to supply lethal weapons to assist the Ukrainians to defend themselves and to complete the offensive that is now going on in Eastern Ukraine to actually destroy the rebel insurgents.”

Hmmm, “lethal weapons to assist Ukrainians”. Why? So that they can use those “lethal weapons” to achieve their own agenda when they see fit? I don’t think so.

One of the truly sad aspects of this tragedy is that some really good and influential people who are actually contributing to humanity lost their lives. The irony is, of course, that the people who contribute nothing and who do more to destroy society by their actions can only offer more vacuous and meaningless commentary while the gown ups seek solutions.

Finally, I have to chase the big R before I sign off tonight.

Florida man Thomas Thorpe, charged with attempted first-degree murder, appeared in court today to enter in a not guilty plea. But most memorable from his court appearance was Thorpe ranting about the black public defender next to him and how he didn’t want a “Negro standing next to me.”

Thorpe allegedly stabbed someone at a bus stop. In court today, he said, “I pleaded not guilty and I don’t want this Negro standing next to me. I don’t want a Negro standing next to me.”

And it wasn’t just that public defender he objected to, Thorpe refused any defense attorney whatsoever. The judge asked, “Do you understand what an attorney is and what they do?” Thorpe replied, “Yes, they screwed us.” [Source]

You gotta love racists.

Good luck Mr. Thorpe, hopefully you will get the white lawyer you desire. For your sake, though, I just hope that the facts and the evidence are on your side. If not, that “Negro” lawyer will be the least of your problems.

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Shameless politics, and get that Negro away from me.